Transformers Alternators Dodge Ram SRT-10 Optimus Prime


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Product Description

Behold the Alternators incarnation of Optimus Prime, the Dodge Ram SRT-10. In terms of vehicle mode, factory specifications are seemingly addressed to all feasibility. He’s a little larger and heavier than most of his Autobot warriors. Beneath the deep red truck finish, his colors are silver blue and black.

His head sculpt is extremely well done and loyal to Prime’s established image. He demonstrates a high level of articulation typical to the Alternators line, and his gun is a removable internal component, also typical to most of the line. In robot mode, Optimus shares one or two superficial traits in common with the Laser Prime/Scourge design, such as the elevating headlight mounts that serve as shoulder plates. The truck’s broad hood serves as a massive, overlapping chest plate. Large feet and overall bulky foundations allow him to stand pretty well even with the added weight of the heavier design.

Aside from the fact that the Alternator Prime would now stand in direct opposition to the Alternator Decepticon leader, Shockblast, he (Prime) has apparently yet to be insinuated into the Binaltech/Alternators storyline, which may or may not be complicated by the minor incongruity of Prime’s Binaltech counterpart, Ginrai rather than standard Convoy.

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