Super 7 Alien ReAction Figure - Big Chap & Kane - Unpainted Exclusive

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  • This item is brand new and in mint condition
  • Packaging is case fresh but may have flaws
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Product Description

Super7 tracked down a retired toy sales representative who had a storage unit filled with old catalogs and toys from the 1970s, including a most amazing find: cases of “ALIEN SALES SAMPLES” designated for 1979’s Toy Fair! Each package contains two figures – the ALIEN (Big Chap) and KANE (in Nostromo Space Suit) - in unpainted “test shot” blue plastic. These samples were intended for distribution to wholesale buyers looking for the “next big space movie” product in the 3 ¾” scale. Ultimately, the line was cancelled –as shown by the large red stamp on the box and enclosed letter to the sales staff – and these samples never were taken to the trade show.

Okay, full disclaimer: These two-packs are brand new and we are joking about “discovering” them. As far as we have been able to ascertain, ALIEN figures were never displayed at any toy show or event, which made us wonder what really happened behind the scenes. Taking that curiosity further, we decided to create “the sales samples that never existed” and turn it into fun collectible…and a great way to kick off the ReAction Figure series!

This will be the first opportunity for collectors to own the ALIEN and KANE in ReAction Figure format – five points of articulation, extendable inner jaws, removable clear dome, removable clear space helmet.

The slime-encrusted Alien releases the Facehugger which propels toward any life form within range. Entangling the entire head of its prey, the Facehugger secretes its gruesome ovipositor and gains control of the victim’s life support functions. In the original movie Kane makes the mistake of closely examining an Alien egg and is immediately incapacitated when the Facehugger emerges and crashes through the faceplate of Kane’s space helmet. Against Ripley’s strident refusal, Kane is brought aboard the Nostromo. It is later established that the Facehugger cannot be forcibly removed without killing Kane and/or causing the Facehugger to bleed acid capable of penetrating the Nostromo’s hull. The creature later reemerges in the form of the Chestburster, tearing its way out of Kane and slithering out of reach. In the dank recesses of the Nostromo the Chestburster evolves into the fearsome Xenomorph, a black, skeletal, insectoid biped looming above the Nostromo’s crewmen, striking from myriad claustrophobic shadows to ambush and kill each crew member.

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