Marvel Minimates Best Of Wave 2 Two Pack Set of 4

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Product Description

A Diamond Select Release! Designed and Sculpted by Art Asylum! The best Marvel Minimates DST has ever made are back for a second series! This time, eight more of Marvel's most famous heroes and villains get the ultimate Minimate treatment: Mr. Fantastic & Dr. Doom, Daredevil & Venom, Punisher & Deadpool and Hulk & Loki! They're the best versions of Marvel's best characters, and they're only available at specialty stores! Each Minimate stands 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation and a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories.

Mr. Fantastic & Dr. Doom

Daredevil & Venom

Punisher & Deadpool

Hulk & Loki

Mr. Fantastic & Dr. Doom: Reed Richards’ exposure to cosmic rays provides him with super-elasticity and resistance to myriad spectrum of physical attacks and virtually all conventional weapons. Victor von Doom creates a device intended to communicate with the dead, however he ignores the warning of fellow Empire State University student Reed Richards, who points out a flaw in the device, and is disfigured when the machine self-destructs; becoming Doctor Doom, he creates computer-powered armor which heightens his strength and durability and defends him against energy-based attacks.

Daredevil & Venom: Accidentally blinded, Daredevil develops a sort of radar sense that replaces and even surpasses physical sight; galvanized by the murder of his father, he becomes a lawyer and adapts his unique crime fighting alter ego, Daredevil. Venom is born when Spider-Man’s dejected Black Symbiote bonds with Eddie Brock, who erroneously blames his failed journalistic career on Spider-Man. The Black Symbiote provides Brock with enhanced strength and reflexes similar to those of Spider-Man, along with organic webbing and invisibility to Spider-Man’s spider-sense. The symbiote also reveals Spider-Man’s secret identity to Brock, enabling Venom to attack Spider-Man directly and demoralize Peter Parker.

Punisher & Deadpool: Embarking on an endless quest to avenge the murder of his family, the Punisher mangles and mutilates organized crime wherever he finds it. Initially, manipulated into a short-term partnership by the Jackal, the Punisher is pitted against Spider-Man, on the basis of Spider-Man’s supposed murder of Norman Osborn. The Punisher’s firepower and combative skill enable him to easily hold his own against Spider-Man. Generated as part of the Weapon X program, Deadpool’s regenerative ability provides him with a subjective variant of near-indestructibility in addition to enhanced strength, agility and reflexes, while also simultaneously disfiguring him and contributing to Deadpool’s characteristic insanity. In his capacity as mercenary assassin, Deadpool is an expert swordsman and marksman, and an extensively trained martial artist.

Hulk & Loki: Spawned by gamma radiation, the Hulk possesses superhuman strength which is proportionate to his boundless rage, enabling him to overpower initially stronger adversaries such as the Abomination. Originally, the Hulk is manipulated by Loki and set against Thor, although ultimately the Hulk allies with Thor, Iron Man, the Wasp and Ant-Man to defeat Loki. The stunted human-sized offspring of a frost giant, Loki is adopted by Odin and raised alongside a young tow-headed Thor. He (Loki) resents his charismatic half-brother, plotting the latter’s downfall. Loki follows Thor to Earth, using his magic to create supervillains such as the Absorbing Man and the Wrecking Crew to destroy Thor.

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