Transformers EZ Collection Gum Wave - Box of 6

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Product Description

This assortment includes metallic paintjob versions of Optimus Prime, G2 Megatron, Starscream, Prowl and Hot Rod/Rodimus. Each box of 6 to contain a full set of 5 plus an extra.

Optimus Prime: Initially establishing an Earth base among the wreckage of the Ark, Prime acquire human allies while simultaneously countermining Megatron and his (Megatron’s) fellow Earth-based Decepticons. Later, sustaining extensive damage during his battle against Megatron in sector 17 of the Mirtonian constellation, Optimus undergoes a massive overhaul of structural integrity and logistical circuitry processors, a procedure which results in a sleeker, stronger, more combat-ready version of Optimus Prime with a new arsenal of weaponry.

G2 Megatron: This version of Megatron features the Hero Megatron color scheme, a version armed with a nuclear charged fusion cannon and the ability to generate anti-matter-based attacks. Megatron ascends to power in the gladiatorial pits of Cybertron, where he voices contempt for Cybertron’s established social structure and recruits a mixture of disillusioned, credulous, and like-minded followers. He later deploys his Decepticon warriors against a planet largely unprepared for an organized uprising. Though dedicated to the process of destroying the Autobots and scouring Earth of its resources, Megatron yearns to return to Cybertron.

Starscream: Starscream is equipped with arm-situated Null Rays. Starscream is the fastest flier of the original group of Decepticons, capable of reaching Mach 2.8 and an altitude of 52 miles. He attacks with both null rays and cluster bombs. Vain and treacherous, convinced that the Decepticons should rely upon guile and speed exclusively, Starscream exploits any possible opportunity to wrest leadership of the Decepticons from Megatron. In The Transformers: The Movie, Starscream seizes an opportunity to throw the battle-damaged Megatron into outer space, proclaiming himself leader, however Starscream’s coronation is interrupted by the arrival of the vengeful Galvatron.

Prowl: Studious and determined, noted for his possession of the most sophisticated logic center of all Autobots, Prowl serves as the Autobots’ Military Strategist. Prowl is capable of analyzing combat situations and instantaneously generating strategic resolutions. He fires wide-guided missiles and corrosive acid pellets. In Transformers: The Movie, Prowl is joined by Brawn, Ratchet and Ironhide aboard an Autobot shuttle destined for Earth; Prowl and the others are killed in the melee when the Decepticons tear through the hull and commandeer the shuttle to facilitate a sneak attack against Autobot City.

Hot Rod/Rodimus: Hot Rod appears in Transformers: The Movie, initially serving as a companion to young Daniel and a built-in fencing device for Kup. Following the Battle of Autobot City, Hot Rod and Kup are stranded on the planet of Quintessa, where they are mauled by Sharkticons and sentenced to death by the Quintessons. Later, inside the bowels of Unicron, Hot Rod initially receives a beating from Galvatron, and is then chosen by the Matrix of Leadership and upgraded into Rodimus Prime.

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