United Kingdom VAT

Value-Added Tax (VAT) will be collected for most orders shipped to United Kingdom. This is required because of laws passed by the United Kingdom government. A 20% VAT on merchandise and shipping fees will be due when any items are available to ship.


VAT will be due on in stock items that are selected to ship now. The amount of VAT that will be collected will be listed as "Tax" during checkout.


VAT will not be charged on pre-orders until the products have arrived and are scheduled to ship to you.

Pile of Loot

VAT will be charged when Items in your Pile of Loot are released for shipment. We do not charge VAT when items are added to the Pile of Loot because the final shipping destination is unknown.


We will not collect VAT if the total merchandise value in a shipment is more than £135 GBP. VAT will be assessed and collected by United Kingdom Customs.

Frequently Asked Questions

As recommended by the United Kingdom Tax Office, we will include our VAT registration number on the shipment invoice and clearly indicate that VAT has already been collected for all items.

No. VAT will be calculated separately during checkout and show as Tax.

No. It is the responsibility of the freight forwarder to collect and remit any VAT that is due.