Transformers Thrilling 30 Voyager Wave 7 Revision 3 Case of 4

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Product Description

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Autobot Springer converts from robot to car or helicopter and is equipped with a sword, twin missile launchers, and projectiles. Springer is a brawny, physically powerful robot, and he possesses a springing function in his legs which enables him to perform massive leaps powered by a pogo-like effect. His lasers enable him to generate gigantic wind tunnels, and his helicopter blade-sword becomes a lightsaber capable of shearing through concrete.

Sky-Byte’s Sharkticons are a ravening tide of gnashing teeth capable of devouring Autobot opponents and anything else in their path; the diversity of his dominions grant them access to sky, ground and sea simultaneously, enabling Sky-Byte to orchestrate insurmountable assaults. Sky-Byte himself, exposed to power-imbuing Forestonite, acquires an additional weapon in the form of the Tsunami Blaster, a freeze-blast discharged from Sky-Byte’s chest housing which incapacitates his prey.

Roadbuster is a quintessential soldier and a natural leader. In vehicle mode he can traverse virtually any terrain, at a maximum range of 600 miles. He supports a turret-mounted linear blaster gun which capable of punching a hole in 2-foot thick concrete, and in robot mode he is equipped with a laser rifle, a shrapnel-missile launcher, and much more.

This case of 4 includes 1 Springer figure, 1 Sky-Byte figure, and 2 Roadbuster figures.

Product Features

  • Voyager Class
  • Case of 4
  • Featuring Springer, Sky-Byte, and Roadbuster as transforming figures
  • Springer converts from robot to car or helicopter and includes a sword, twin missile launchers, and projectiles
  • Sky-Byte converts from robot to shark and includes a missile
  • Roadbuster converts from robot to off-road vehicle and includes a launcher, missile, missile pod, pistol, laser rifle with stock and a scope, and a cannon with stock and a scope

Box Contents

  • Thrilling 30 Voyager Springer figure
    • Sword
    • Twin missile launchers
    • Projectiles
  • Thrilling Voyager Sky-Byte figure
    • Missile
  • 2 Thrilling 30 Voyager Roadbuster figures
    • Launchers
    • Missiles
    • Missile pods
    • Pistols
    • Laser rifles with stocks and scopes
    • Cannons with stocks and scopes

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