Star Wars Vehicle Collection 07 - Box of 10 Vehicles

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Product Description

Randomly assorted from 5 types + secret type.

01. 1/350 AT-AT
02. 1/350 Sand crawler
03. 1/350 Imperial shuttle
04. 1/350 Slave I (Jango Fett version)
05. 1/144 B-Wing fighter

01. 1/350 AT-AT: Capable of crushing all opposition and thoroughly terrorizing opponents of the Empire, the quadrupedal AT-AT stands 22.5 meters tall. Crewed by a pilot, gunner/copilot, deck officers and a commander, the AT-AT is capable of housing forty or more troops, and as many as five Speeder Bikes and two AT-ST vehicles. Powered by an FW62 compact fusion drive system, the AT-AT is equipped with an MS-1 fire-linked heavy laser cannon, medium repeating blasters, and Durasteel footpads. During the Empire’s assault on the Rebel Alliance’s Echo Base on Hoth, AT-AT Walkers, pitted against swarms of Snowspeeders, comprise the larger portion of the Imperial force. Later, a group of AT-AT Walkers are deployed on Endor to safeguard the Death Star II shield generator against potential native uprisings and Rebel saboteurs.

02. 1/350 Sandcrawler: Ponderous and carapace-like in appearance, wide-ranging Sandcrawlers populate the wastes of Tatooine, serving the Jawas as mobile workshops and dwellings and transports to link individual Jawa clans to the great swap meets held in centralized locations. Generally hatches are located on the underside of the base frame. Sandcrawlers receive only cursory maintenance, and are, overall, nearly as dilapidated and filthy as they outwardly appear. At least one noteworthy movie appearance occurs during the swap meet where Luke and his uncle squabbled with indiscernible Jawas before finally agreeing to purchase R2-D2 and C3-PO.

03. 1/350 Imperial Shuttle: A heavily armored transport with a distinctive tri-wing design, the Imperial Lambda-class passenger shuttle seats up to 20 Stormtroopers. Possessing immense firepower and hyperdrive capability, the Imperial Shuttle is routinely utilized by Imperial officers as well as Emperor Palpatine. Commandeered by Rebel forces, the shuttle Tydirium is utilized by Han Solo’s team as a means to gain access to the Empire-occupied moon of Endor.

04. 1/350 Slave I (Jango Fett version): The Slave 1 originates as a Firespray-31-class prototype police vehicle attached to the prison asteroid Oovo IV. Replacing his previous ship, Jaster’s Legacy, Jango Fett steals the Slave 1 from the Oovo IV hangar bay and destroys the five remaining Firespray-31-class prototypes in existence. Later, following Jango’s death at the hands of Mace Windu, the Slave 1 is transferred to Jango’s clone son Boba Fett.

05. 1/144 B-Wing fighter: Sustained by a gyrostabilization system, the B-Wing is a bizarre configuration armed with laser cannons, ion cannons and proton torpedo launchers. One of the more effective and nonconventional vessels in the Rebel arsenal, the B-Wing is designed by Admiral (at the time Commander) Ackbar, figuring heavily into the Battle of Endor. Adaptable and well-armed, the B-Wing is staged for brazen attacks on larger Imperial ships and occupations.

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