Transformers Cloud Decepticon - TFC-D01 Megatron

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Product Description

Size: approximately 7 inches tall in robot mode
Material: Plastic

Cloud Megatron is silver, red, and black redeco of Revenge of the Fallen: N.E.S.T. Global Alliance Voyager Class Bludgeon. This Voyager Class Cloud Megatron has a new smiling head and transforms from a Japanese Type 90 tank into a samurai style robot. He comes with a flexible plastic sword and dagger that can be stored in the robot's left hip guard. The dagger can also be stored in a hidden sheath inside the tank turret. You can also connect the handles of the sword and dagger to make a unique double-bladed weapon. In vehicle mode, the tank has some rubber components in the treads but the treads do not function. Small plastic wheels under the treads provide the rolling action when in tank mode.

Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons on the Cloud World. To Megatron, the only thing that matters is power and he intends to conquer all of space-time by force and will sacrifice anyone in the process. Megatron's weapon of choice is the Fusion Blade, a mighty sword created from metals from many different dimensions.

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