Terminator Premium Format T-800 Battle Damaged (Judgement Day)


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Size: 21" H x 8" W x 8" L

Fire up Guns n’ Roses’ You Could Be Mine because as promised, Arnold is back! The T2 hero emerges from his time displacement sphere once again, brought to life in Sideshow’s highly anticipated new T-800 Terminator Battle Damaged Premium Format Figure.

As the sentiment goes, the T-800 could use a vacation. Wearing the expertly tailored and weathered remains of his leather gear, our artists have faithfully recreated the heroic cyborg as he is seen near the end of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Wielding an M-79 grenade launcher, John Connor’s lone protector stands bloodied and mangled, but is determined to prevent Skynet’s Judgment Day at any cost. Brutal wounds from the climactic battle with T-1000 reveal the Terminator’s metal skeleton and complex wiring, bringing added depth and dimension.

Durable and coordinated, the most efficient of Skynet’s shock troopers, the T-800 is capable of operating any type of handheld weaponry, is provided with an extensive data base, and is allowed free deliberation within the confines of a mission objective. Eventually a specialized version of the T-800 is developed to support cultivated skin tissue. In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, a reprogrammed T-800 is sent back in time to defend the teenaged John Connor against Skynet’s advanced prototype, the more sophisticated T-1000. At the outset, the T-800 is overwhelmed by the T-1000’s superior strength and assault capacity and uses an onslaught of firepower mainly for the purpose of slowing the T-1000’s progress. In the final battle in the steel mill, the T-800 is thoroughly pulverized by the T-1000, enabling the T-1000 to stalk Sarah and John Connor. Sarah succeeds in battering the T-1000 with a succession of shotgun rounds forcing the 1000 onto the precipice of a cauldron of molten steel, however she expends her rounds at the crucial moment. Battered and maimed, the T-800 delivers the final explosive round which sends the T-1000 into disorder and hurtles the T-1000 into the molten steel.

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