Transformers Subscription Figure 5.0 - Fractyl & Scorponok with Lifeline & Quickslinger

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Product Description

FRACTYL has retained his Cybertronian jet mode and made modifications to better suit the atmosphere of his new home. Unlike his fellow PREDACONS, FRACTYL’S weapons are more defensive in nature.

Fractyl uses the new head sculpt first introduced on the BotCon 2016 attendee Terrorsaur figure and comes with a Twin-Barreled Laser Rifle and Air-to-surface Missile Launcher to aid him in his survival on strange new worlds that only your imagination can bring to life! Also included is the Scorponok accessory figure – so that now you can finally complete your vehicle-mode Beast Wars show cast Predacons.

LIFELINE and her practice are aided by the one-time Targetmaster QUICKSLINGER who was one of the most rough-and-tumble robots in the Autobot military, taking on missions that defied her size and bearing. When the war seemed lost, she left Cybertron in search of a rumored lost colony world and a new mission for her life. She has achieved that goal as a loyal attendant to LIFELINE.

Gather Lifeline's included medical implements – Energon Infuser, Plasma Projector, Hard-Light Scalpel Blades (x2) – as well as the Quickslinger Targetmaster partner accessory, and prep her for surgery as she treats your other Transformers action figures! 

Product Features

  • Transformers Subscription Figure 5.0
  • Fully transformable figures
  • Includes an array of accessories

Box Contents

  • This set includes:
  • Fractyl figure
    • Twin-Barreled Laser Rifle
    • Air-to-surface Missile launcher
  • Scorponok figure
  • Targetmaster Quickslinger figure
  • Lifeline figure
    • Energon Infuser
    • Plasma Projector
    • 2 Hard-Light Scalpel Blades
  • Technical Cards
  • Instructions

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