Transformers Robots in Disguise Warriors Wave 9 - Case of 8


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Product Description

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Decepticons beware, because this Warrior Class Grimlock figure converts in a heartbeat from robot mode to T-Rex mode, and he’s got a chomping jaw that will grind his foes to pieces! Convert him in 10 steps to either mode, and keep converting him back and forth so his Decepticon enemies can’t keep up!

Decepticons beware, because this Warriors Class Strongarm figure converts in a heartbeat from robot mode to police car mode, and she’s got a powerful blaster that will make her foes think twice about taking her on! Convert her in 8 steps to either mode, and keep converting her back and forth so her Decepticon enemies can’t keep up!

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With Blastwave, there’s no such thing as, “hold your fire.” Especially when it comes to Decepticons. The Autobot operates as the high-tech weapons base for the Autobot team, knowing just the right equipment to take out the Decepticons. Mess with Blastwave, and prepare to get blown to bits! Figure changes between robot and tank in 13 steps and includes two sword accessories.

While some Autobots attack Decepticons on land, Stormshot attacks from the sky. The aerialbot is a high-flying airstrike expert with a knack for taking out Decepticons. First he tracks them, and then he devises the perfect battle plan to defeat them. With Stormshot on the team, the Decepticons won’t see the attack coming. Figure changes between robot and jet in 11 steps and includes two blaster accessories.

Autobot Drift is a master swordsman and a skilled warrior. Even when under heavy enemy fire, the Autobot can dodge any fireblast with speed, ease, and without sweating a bullet. With years of combat training under his belt, Autobot Drift proves himself again and again in combat. Figure changes between robot and sports car in 7 steps and includes two sword accessories. 

Product Features

  • From the series Transformers: Robots In Disguise
  • Case of 8 Transformers including 2 Grimlock, 2 Strongarm, 1 Starscream (Not Pictured), 1 Blastwave, 1 Stormshot and 1 Autobot Drift
  • Each figure turns from bot to vehicle or beast
  • Includes weapon accessory or battle-action feature

Box Contents

  • 2 Grimlock
  • 2 Strongarm
  • Starscream
  • Blastwave
  • Stormshot
  • Autobot Drift

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