Voltron: Legendary Defender 5" Basic Figure - Case of 12


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Product Description

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Assortment may vary and will ship at random; may contain 2 Blue Lion figures with 1 Red Lion figure OR 2 Red Lion figures with 1 Blue Lion figure.

Playmates presents the 12 figure assortment of Voltron figures and Myzax!

Voltron, Defender of the Universe! Long ago a mighty robot warrior, Voltron, was created to protect the galaxy from evil. Now, 5 young heroes must master the power of the Voltron Lions to defeat the Galra empire and restore peace!

Red Lion Guardian Spirit of the Core is piloted by Keith and features heat resistant armor and fire based weapons like the Magma Beam! Red Lion forms Voltron's right arm.

Green Lion Guardian Spirit of the Forest is piloted by Pidge and features a Soul Surge Cannon and cloaking device for stealth missions! Yellow Lion forms Voltron's left arm.

Black Lion Guardian Spirit of the Cosmos is piloted by Shiro and features a Wings of the Wraith attack, teleportation, and massive firepower to lead the battle! Black Lion forms Voltron's head and torso.

Blue Lion Guardian Spirit of the Water is piloted by Lance and is ideal for underwater battles with sonar and sonic weapons like the Ice Ray! Blue Lion forms Voltron's right leg.

Yellow Lion Guardian Spirit of the Land is piloted by Hunk and features reinforced armor and claws for Brute Force during battle! Yellow Lion forms Voltron's left leg.

Myzax is a Robeast of the Galra and is on a mission to steal Voltron in order to dominate the universe. His control of the Plasma Ball allows him to attack from every angle!

Lion Attack and Sword Attack Voltrons are piloted by all 5 paladins and use laser blasts along with his mighty sword to cut down Robobeasts! 

This core assortment of action figures from the Voltron The Legendary Defender toyline stands 5 inches in scale, are non-transforming, and have an action feature based on the characters in the Netflix series. 

Product Features

  • 5 inches (12.7cm)
  • From the TV series Voltron: Legendary Defender
  • Case of 12 figures
  • Includes 2 Black Lion figures, 1 or 2 Red Lion figures (random), 1 or 2 Blue Lion figures (random), Yellow Lion, Green Lion figure, 2 Lion Attack Voltron figures, 2 Sword Attack Voltron figures, and a Robeast Myzax figure
  • Myax includes Plasma Ball missle
  • Yellow Lion features slashing attack
  • Black Lions features slashing attacks
  • Blue Lions feature jump attacks
  • Lion Attack Voltrons include Green Lion missles
  • Sword Attack Voltrons include swords
  • Red Lion includes Magma Beam attack
  • Green Lion includes Vine Beam attack

Box Contents

  • 1 or 2 Red Lion figures (Random)
    • Magma Beam weapon
  • 1 or 2 Blue Lion figures (Random)
  • 2 Black Lion figures
    • Wings
  • Yellow Lion figure
  • Green Lion figure
    • Vine Beam weapon
  • 2 Sword Attack Voltron figures
    • Swords
    • Shields
  • 2 Lion Attack Voltron figures
    • Green Lion missiles
  • Robeast Myzax figure
    • Plasma Ball missile

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