Transformers Platinum Edition Planet of Junk Clash

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Product Description

Transformers Generations Platinum Edition sets feature figures with a high level of detail, plus premium features and packaging. These sets highlight some of the most memorable scenes, powerful warriors, and epic storylines in the Transformers universe.

Celebrate the classic 1986 animated film, "The Transformers: The Movie" with this pack that honors one of the most unforgettable scenes in Transformers history: the arrival of the Autobots on the Planet of Junk.

The Planet of Junk Clash Platinum Edition set is inspired by the scene that begins with a battle and ends with a dance party. It features Autobot Hot Rod, Wreck-Gar, and Junkion Scrapheap figures inspired by The Transformers: The Movie. All 3 figures are rendered with premium details geared to make them a premier addition to any Transformers collection.

Wreck-Gar and the Junkions aren't easy to understand -- they speak in scattered phrases learned from Earth TV signals -- but they're fiercely protective of their planet and the scrap piles that cover it. When the Autobots arrive, the Junkions charge out on the attack, their engines roaring and their weapons ready to strike. Before things get ugly, Hot Rod ends the battle not with a bang, but with a "Bah-weep-granah weep nini bong."

Relive that unforgettable scene with the Planet of Junk Clash Platinum Edition set. It includes 3 figures inspired by the 1986 movie. The head of each figure features light piping.

The Autobot Hot Rod figure features a candy-coated finish. It changes from robot to sports car and back in 9 steps and comes with a firing photon laser accessory.

The Wreck-Gar and Junkion Scrapheap figures change from robots to motorcycles and back in 18 steps. Both come with a shredder blade accessory.

Product Features

  • Includes 3 figures inspired by the 1986 movie
  • Heads include light piping details
  • Figures feature a high level of detail and premium paint application
  • Comes in premium packaging
  • Hot Rod transforms in 9 steps and comes with a firing photon laser
  • Wreck-Gar and Scrapheap transform in 18 steps and each comes with a shredder blade

Box Contents

  • Autobot Hot Rod figure
    • Photon laser accessory
  • Wreck-Gar figure
    • Shredder blade accessory
  • Junkion Scrapheap figure
    • Shredder blade accessory

Additional Details

The Transformers: The Movie (1986)

The Transformers: The Movie is an animated film based on the animated TV series of the same name.

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