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Product Description

Nightbird comes with 24k gold plated sais, metal weapons and feet magnets.

Nightbird is created by Doctor Fujiyama, the latter requesting the presence of the Autobots during the official unveiling of the female ninja robot. The Decepticons stage an attack, acquiring Nightbird, and Bombshell successfully converts the ninja robot into a Decepticon warrior. She is deployed on a mission to infiltrate Autobot headquarters and requisition the World Energy Chip from Teletraan 1. Scaling a ceiling by virtue of her magnetized feet, Nightbird successfully gains entry, although once she steals the chip the Autobots are alerted to her presence. Unleashing her onboard arsenal of ninja weapons, she battles past the Autobots and escapes, her effectiveness owing partly to the Autobots’ fear of damaging her. Once the Autobots discover the theft of the World Energy Chip they launch a pursuit and succeed in trapping Nightbird. The Decepticons launch another attack and Nightbird is released by Megatron. Her battle against Prime is prematurely concluded when Starscream, eager to eliminate Nightbird as his potential replacement, incapacitates the ninja robot with his null ray.

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