The Disney Afternoon Collection Mystery Minis Box of 12 Figures (Exclusive Assortment Ver. 1)

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Product Description

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Funko is excited to introduce The Disney Afternoon Collection coming to Mystery Minis! Characters from some of your favorite side-scrolling platform games include DuckTales,TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck, and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers!

This series features characters such as Huey, Dewey,and Louie, Launchpad McQuack, Baloo, Monterey Jack, Chip and Dale, and many more!

These 2.5" tall vinyl figures feature a cute, friendly, and super-deformed style that will look great on your shelf, and some figures are rarer than others! Build your collection today! Which characters from The Disney Afternoon Collection will you get? There are a total of 15 characters to collect! 

Product Features

  • 2.5 inches (6.4cm)
  • Made of vinyl
  • Box of 12 figures
  • 15 different characters to collect
  • From The Disney Afternoon Collection
  • Comes in blind box packaging
  • Possible figures:
    • Huey 1/24
    • Dewey 1/24
    • Louie 1/24
    • Launchpad McQuack 1/12
    • Baloo 1/36
    • Monterey Jack 1/72
    • Kit Cloudkicker 1/12
    • Gadget Hackwrench 1/36
    • Darkwing Duck 1/12
    • Webby Vanderquack 1/24
    • Gosalyn Mallard 1/12
    • Morgana Macawber 1/72
  • Possible exclusive figures:
    • Shere Khan 1/12
    • Negaduck 1/6
    • King Louie 1/6

Box Contents

  • Box of 12 of The Disney Afternoon Collection Mystery Minis figures exclusive (Ver. A)

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