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Home  Toys  DC Universe Classics  Exclusives
DC Universe Classics Crime Syndicate of Amerika 5-Pack Exclusive
By Mattel
Our Price: $99.99

List Price $114.99

General Safety Warning: Products sold by BBTS may be intended for Adult Collectors. Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

This box set includes Superwoman, Owlman, Ultraman, Johnny Quick and Power Ring.

Superwoman: Counterpart to the mainstream Wonder Woman, Superwoman is the last Amazon in her reality. She possesses the strength and durability of Woman, with the addition of heart visit, and her golden lasso is configured to force a captive to divulge humiliating confessions. She assumes the guise of Lois Lane, assisted by her snitch Jimmy Olsen, a slavering pervert who her keeps her secret in return for the opportunity to watch her disrobe from her civilian attire and change into her Superwoman costume. She openly despises her husband, Ultraman, and despite the latter’s violent objections she maintains an affair with Owlman. During the Crime Syndicate’s invasion of mainstream Washington, Superwoman quickly subjugates the White House staff. She is drawn to the site of Ultraman’s recent defeat at the hands of Martian Manhunter, attempting to seduce the latter. In the limited series Syndicate Rules, she makes the mistake of formally asking for the Justice League’s assistance against the rerouted Qwardian attack, causing the Crime Syndicate to lose face in the eyes of the subjugated Earth-2 populace.

Owlman: A counterpart to Batman, Thomas Wayne Jr. dedicates his existence to shaming his father, police commissioner of Gotham City, for the latter’s indirect complicity in the murder of Thomas Jr.’s younger brother and mother. Becoming Owlman, he outfits himself with a utility belt and a chemically-enhanced super-cortex, and forms an alliance with Gotham’s most influential criminal, Boss Gordon. Owlman provides the Crime Syndicate’s strategic backbone while allowing Ultraman to perceive himself as the team leader. Owlman maintains an undisguised affair with Superwoman, holding Ultraman at bay with unspecified blackmail material in Owlman’s possession. When the Crime Syndicate invades the mainstream Earth, Ultraman, Superwoman and Power Ring immediately lay siege to Washington, however Owlman initiates a search for the mainstream Thomas Wayne and is horrified and numbed into submission when he discovers the former’s tombstone.

Ultraman: A counterpart to the mainstream Superman, astronaut Lieutenant Clark Kent gains his ultra-powers after suffering a space accident and being reassembled by aliens. In the Earth-2 graphic novel, Ultraman maintains his ultra-powers through regular exposure to Anti-Kryptonite. Ultraman kills his first rival, a White Martian, and is later pitted against Martian Manhunter during the Crime Syndicate’s invasion of mainstream Washington. He (Ultraman) is defeated when Martian Manhunter assumes the form of an electivity-discharging alien creature, and is later reduced to a weakened state when he is cut-off from his supply of Anti-Kryptonite. In the limited series Syndicate Rules, Ultraman maintains his power by use of a time-release Anti-Kryptonite formula, and he and the Crime Syndicate easily defeat the Justice, forcing Batman to recruit a team of reinforcements. Ultraman considers himself to be the leader of the Crime Syndicate, however he is openly the mocked by his wife, Superwoman, and Owlman, Superwoman’s lover, who serves as the team’s master strategist.

Johnny Quick: Johnny Quick is a hybrid counterpart to the Flash and Johnny Quick. All versions of Johnny Quick include a modified or streamlined helmet intended to match the speed of the Flash. In the Earth-2 graphic novel Johnny Quick eventually is even worn down to a barely coherent state and uses Speed Juice injections to regain his power. In the limited series Syndicate Rules, during a battle against Lady Sonar, on of the Syndicate’s few remaining opponents, Johnny Quick is targeted with a heightened vibration rate which dislodges him from reality altogether; when he later reappears at the Crime Syndicate headquarters he is horror-stricken, revealing that he traveled a year in the future only to discover that the universe has been destroyed and that there is no future, foreshadowing the assault of the Qwardians and their monstrous weapon, the Void Hound. Atomica is a new member of the Crime Syndicate who impersonates the Atom on behalf of the Secret Society.

Power Ring: A counterpart to the mainstream Green Lantern, Power Ring obtains his ring from an insane monk called Volthoom. Later, in Earth-2, he becomes a blonde-haired version with a heavily modified costume. His ring, speaking in the voice of Volthoom, offers pointless observations and advice for which Power Ring is embarrassed and apologetic, and Power Ring himself laments the fact that he was somehow duped into taking possession of the ring. During the Crime Syndicate’s invasion of mainstream Washington, Power Ring utilizes gigantic marauding monsters as constructs. He is later defeated by Aquaman, counterpart to the Crime Syndicate’s Earth-2 adversary, Barracuda. In the limited series Syndicate Rules Power Ring is reconfigured into a John Stewart-equivalent. He creates a construct setting in space to enable the Crime Syndicate to occupy lounge chairs while watching the Justice League is thoroughly pulverized by the rampaging Qwardians.

Product Number: MAT13314
Shipping Weight: 2.62 pounds

   This item is in Standard Grade Condition:
      The item is brand new, in mint condition, and sealed inside its packaging.
      Packaging condition is verified to be 80% mint (C8) or better.
      Standard Grade items are suitable to display in the package, or to open.

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