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Home  Toys  GI Joe  GI Joe Retaliation Movie (2013)  GI Joe 3.75" Figures
GI Joe Retaliation 3.75" Figures Series 01 - Set of 9
By Hasbro
Our Price: $104.99

General Safety Warning: Products sold by BBTS may be intended for Adult Collectors. Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Each GI Joe Retaliation 3.75” Figure features multiple points of articulation and character-specific weapons/accessories.

GI Joe Retaliation 3.75” Figures Series 01: Set of 9 includes the following figures:

1x Duke

1x Cobra Commander

1x Roadblock

1x Snake Eyes

1x Storm Shadow

1x Red Ninja

1x Cobra Trooper

1x G.I. Joe Trooper

1x Zartan

Duke: GI Joe Retaliation 3.75” Figures Series 01: Duke is dressed in green fatigues with silver armor plating, and is equipped with machinegun, ripcord, and massive missile launcher with 4 projectiles. Well-rounded and charismatic, Duke is fluent in a handful of foreign languages. Duke turned down a commission, nobly citing an inability on his part to “impel others to take the risks” and later became the Acting First Sergeant of the GI Joe team. Duke uses his ripcord-activated missile launcher to pulverize entire squads of Cobra operatives.

Cobra Commander: GI Joe Retaliation 3.75” Figures Series 02: Cobra Commander is dressed in a garish blue uniform and a black serpent-like helmet with distinctive silver faceplate, and is equipped with pistol & holster, a rifle, and a serpent staff which fires a red flame projectile. A ruthless tyrant who promises unimaginable wealth to his massive army of mercenary followers, Cobra Commander advances his cause by virtue of advanced technology, casually annihilating entire cities and eradicating all forms of opposition. Cobra Commander uses his blasters to hold his enemies at bay before ultimately incinerating them with his flame-spewing serpent staff.

Roadblock: GI Joe Retaliation 3.75” Figures Series 01: Roadblock G.I. JOE is wearing a black tank top and green camouflage fatigues, and is equipped with missile-launching BATTLE-KATA weapon w/ attached handgrip, projectile, and shoulder mount. Roadblock is characterized as the ultimate commando, capable of demolishing virtually any adversary. In instances requiring a greater measure of brute force, Roadblock unleashes the BATTLE-KATA against Cobra forces, pulverizing foot soldiers and vehicles alike, and activates the weapon’s spring-loaded shields to buffer return fire.

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Retaliation 3.75” Figures Series 01: Snake Eyes is dressed in dark grey armor plating and fatigues, and is equipped with a sword, a rifle, and arm-mounted missile launchers which anchor a ninja zipline utilizing over 5 feet of string. Trained by the elite Arashikage clan, Snake Eyes is skilled in a wide array of fighting styles and trained to survive virtually any elemental extreme. When confronted by superior numbers, Snake Eyes fires his missiles and uses his ninja zipline to infiltrate enemy ranks.

Storm Shadow: GI Joe Retaliation 3.75” Figures Series 01: Storm Shadow is dressed in an elaborate white a silver costume, and is equipped with a pair of swords, and a massive zipline launcher utilizing over 5 feet of string. Hailing from a long line of skilled assassins, trained to scale walls and adapt to virtually any environment, Storm Shadow is a master of ninja mysticism and weaponry. When confronted by superior numbers, Storm Shadow uses his zipline launcher to infiltrate enemy ranks.

Red Ninja: GI Joe Retaliation 3.75” Figures Series 02: Red Ninja is clad in a red costume with a black sash belt, and is equipped with a pair of swords, and a zipline launcher utilizing over 7 feet of string. Connected to the Arashikage clan, the Red Ninjas Troopers’ prowess is a lucrative commodity. Red Ninja Troopers are primarily employed by Cobra Commander, and are committed to a given endeavor until it is fully resolved. When confronted by superior numbers, the Red Ninja uses his zipline launcher to infiltrate enemy ranks.

Cobra Trooper: GI Joe Retaliation 3.75” Figures Series 02: Cobra Trooper is dressed in blue fatigues with grenade-studded harness and helmet w/ red visor and black mask, and is equipped with an assault rifle and parachute pack w/ opening parachute. Comprising the bulk of the Cobra organization, extensively-trained Cobra Troopers are utilized as foot soldiers, saboteurs and guerillas. The Cobra Trooper is outfitted for a straightforward fight or a stealthy parachute infiltration.

G.I. Joe Trooper: GI Joe Retaliation 3.75” Figures Series 02: GI Joe Trooper is dressed in combatively austere green fatigues, and is outfitted with pistol, shotgun, sub machinegun and machinegun, a blue poncho, and a backpack with gun holsters and an entrenching tool which connects with two interchangeable helmets. Comprising the bulk of G.I. Joe, GI Joe Troopers receiving extensive training which, in some cases, eventuates into a specialized class. Deployed against Cobra Troopers, GI Joe Troopers are outfitted with an arsenal gear of weaponry and equipment which enables them to battle their opponents in virtually any setting or navigational extreme.

Zartan: GI Joe Retaliation 3.75” Figures Series 02: Zartan is wearing a black and grey uniform with a red head wrap and an alternate head with “glowing” eyes, and is outfitted with items to impersonate Snake Eyes (interchangeable head and katana swords w/ back sheaths) and Storm Shadow (interchangeable head and crossbow with quiver of bolts). Apart from Zartan’s mastery of make-up, ventriloquism, linguistics and acrobatics/contortionism, he is able to alter his skin color in order to blend in with a given environment. Zartan uses ability to mimic the attack patterns of his opponents to defeat GI Joe operatives, and uses his shapeshifting abilities to successfully infiltrate GI Joe fortifications.

Product Number: HAS21752
Shipping Weight: 2.13 pounds

   This item is in Standard Grade Condition:
      The item is brand new, in mint condition, and sealed inside its packaging.
      Packaging condition is verified to be 80% mint (C8) or better.
      Standard Grade items are suitable to display in the package, or to open.

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