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Home  Toys  Star Wars  2010 - 2011 Star Wars  Clone Wars
Clone Wars 2010 Series 01 - Case of 12
By Hasbro
Our Price: $69.99

List Price $99.99

General Safety Warning: Products sold by BBTS may be intended for Adult Collectors. Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

**** - Please note - All cases are factory sealed and items packed inside are not inspected. We cannot guarantee packaging condition of individual items packed within the case.

Measuring approximately 3 ¾” tall, features multiple points of articulation, and is accompanied by character-specific accessories, Galactic Battle Game card, battle base and game die.

This case is to include the following:

1x CW01 Rex: Captain Rex is clad in extensively modified armor with blue markings, and is equipped with a projectile-firing blaster. Leader of Torrent Company, Rex served as second-in-command to Anakin Skywalker, participating in a number of noted engagements including the Battle of Christophsis, the Battle of Teth, and the Battle of Ryloth. In his capacity as commander of the 501st Clone Trooper Battalion, Rex and his men were policed treacherous and inhospitable locales along the Outer Rim.

1x CW02 Obi-Wan Kenobi: Clad in Clone Trooper armor with overlapping brown tunic and removable helmet, Obi-Wan Kenobi is equipped with a blue lightsaber and a projectile-firing rocket pack. This version references Obi-Wan’s space-borne pursuit of Count Dooku, in the course of which the Jedi General uses life support armor and his jet pack as a means of infiltrated a Separatist vessel.

2x CW03 Commander Cody: Commander Cody is clad in modified armor with weatherworn yellow markings. Serving as second-in-command to General Obi-Wan Kenobi, Cody was a diligent and exacting soldier, his efficiency catching the attentions of Obi-Wan with whom Cody formed an impromptu friendship, although ultimately, upon the implementation of Order 66, Cody was forced to initiate an attack on the unsuspecting Kenobi.

1x CW04 Destroyer Droid: The Destroyer Droid is equipped with arm-situated projectile-firing blasters. Utilized by the Trade Federation and the Confederacy, the Destroyer Droid, or Droideka, a much more effective attacker than any ordinary Battle Droid, is a versatile bronzium-armored unit configurable as either a wheel-like formation or as a tripod-situated battle unit outfitted with twin blaster cannons, and blaster fire/lightsaber-resistant personal energy shields.

1x CW05 Yoda: This slightly younger and spryer version of Yoda is outfitted with a fabric outer robe, and is equipped with a green lightsaber. A venerable Jedi Master, Yoda served as the backbone of the Jedi Council. When Yoda journeyed to Rugosa to obtain permission from King Katuunko of Toydaria to create Republic-manned supply base, Count Dooku attempted to subvert the process by testing Yoda against Dooku’s droid minions.

1x CW06 Count Dooku: Clad in dark attire with a billowing brown cape, the saturnine Count Dooku is equipped with a purple lightsaber, and is accompanied by interchangeable ‘Force lightning’ hand. Although Count Dooku would not grant Asajj Ventress the title of Sith, he trained her to become a Dark Jedi, a lethal adversary loyal to the Separatist cause. The leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Dooku crafts a treacherous scheme that will destroy the credibility of the Jedi and enhance the influence of the Separatists.

1x CW07 Anakin Skywalker in Space Suit: Equipped with a lightsaber, Anakin Skywalker is outfitted with a rocket pack and a removable life support bubble. Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka led a group of Clone Troopers in an offensive against the Zygerrians, in the course of which Ahsoka was separated from her cohorts and captured by the Zygerrians. Hoping to gain an advantage, Anakin and Obi-Wan abandoned the Twilight and donned their space suits, ultimately, with Ahsoka’s assistance, infiltrating the Zygerrian vessel.

1x CW08 Pre Vizsla Mando: Clad in black and blue Mandalorian armor, Pre Vizsla is outfitted with a fabric cape, and is equipped with a sword and blaster pistol. A leader of the Mandalorian Death Watch, Pre Vizsla secretly coordinated with Count Dooku and the Confederacy to subvert the leadership of Duchess Satine Kryze and sabotage the burgeoning New Mandalorian regime. In the course of an investigation launched by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Vizsla’s treachery was revealed, forcing the latter into an open-ended duel against the Jedi General.

1x CW09 Mando Guard: The Mandalorian Guard is clad in pale green armor complete with helmet w/ adjustable visor, and is equipped with a baton and a riot-shield/battering ram accessory. Tactical troops enforcing the leadership of Duchess Satine Kryze and the New Mandalorian regime, Mandalorian Guards are rallied against scattered raids launched by the treacherous Pre Vizsla and the Mandalorian Death Watch, who are secretly allied with Count Dooku and the Confederacy.

1x CW10 General Grievous: General Grievous is equipped with two lightsabers, and features interchangeable heads and armor sections. Harvested from among the horrific wreckage of a staged shuttle accident, General Grievous is a cyborg composed of a duranium alloy body with synthskin-bagged vital organs and LX-44 robotic legs. Designated the Supreme General of the Droid Army, Grievous, disgusted by his new body, exacts his brutal vengeance by slaughtering members of the Jedi Order and collecting his victims’ lightsabers as trophies.

1x CW11 Aurra Sing: Chalky-hued Aurra Sing is clad in a red bodysuit with brown vest and boots, and is equipped with twin holstered blasters and a lanky slugthrower rifle. Though originally a Jedi Padawan, the willful, incompatible Aurra Sing abandoned the Jedi Order in favor of her ultimate career as a bounty hunter. Exploiting her unique background, Aura specialized in the capture and assassination of Jedi personnel, towards which end she frequently utilized, in addition to her usual weaponry, a red lightsaber. Eventually she fell in with Cad Bane’s bounty hunter posse, participating in a raid on the Republic Senate building.

Product Number: HAS18822
Shipping Weight: 3.61 pounds

   This item is in Standard Grade Condition:
      The item is brand new, in mint condition, and sealed inside its packaging.
      Packaging condition is verified to be 80% mint (C8) or better.
      Standard Grade items are suitable to display in the package, or to open.

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