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2012 - Transformers Timelines: Invasion Box Set
By Hasbro
Our Price: $300.00

List Price $425.00

General Safety Warning: Products sold by BBTS may be intended for Adult Collectors. Products may contain sharp points, small parts, choking hazards, and other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

The 2012 Transformers Timelines: Invasion Box Set includes the following:

1x Gigatron 1x Turbo Tracks 1x Soundwave 1x Treadshot 1x Ultra Magnus 1x Metalhawk

Gigatron / Function: Overlord of Destruction

Strength: 10 Intelligence: 6 Speed: 4 Endurance: 10 Rank: 9 Courage: 9 Fireblast: 10 Skill: 5

Utilizing the Voyager Class ROTF mold, Gigatron features a new head sculpt. He converts from a Japanese Type 90 tank into a samurai-like robot mode with detachable sword and dagger. After forfeiting his throne at Polyhex to Straxus, Gigatron embarks on a quest to increase his power. His current form, one in a series of elaborate upgrades, retains its functionality as a portable munitions factory, enabling Gigatron to expend a variety of powerful ammunition. Gigatron’s attempt to plunder a supply of Rarefied Energon is blocked by Metalhawk. He (Gigatron) later uses the arrival of Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus as a distraction to achieve his objective, before realizing that Magnus is after the same supply; rallying his handful of followers, Gigatron assists Shattered Glass Soundwave against the Junkions.

Shattered Glass Turbo Tracks / Function: Warrior

Strength: 7 Intelligence: 5 Speed: 8 Endurance: 8 Rank: 4 Courage: 9 Fireblast: 8 Skill: 7

Shattered Glass Tracks utilizes the Deluxe Class Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks mold, converting from a sleek sports car/flying car into a winged robot with twin shoulder-situated missiles and a handheld blaster. While Shattered Glass Tracks mirrors the vanity of his mainstream counterpart, he differs from the latter in that he seeks out combat wherever he can find it, primarily as a means of demonstrating his perfection and inordinate skill. In vehicle mode he reaches a maximum speed of 300 MPH, and in winged vehicle mode he is capable of attaining sub-sonic speeds. In addition to his two heat-seeking missiles, Tracks’ handgun disrupts the energy flow in his opponents, generating a series of bizarre uncontrollable malfunctions.

Shattered Glass Soundwave / Function: Communications and Morale Officer

Strength: 9 Intelligence: 7 Speed: 8 Endurance: 8 Rank: 6 Courage: 9 Fireblast: 9 Skill: 8

Utilizing the Deluxe Class Transformers Universe Ironhide mold, Shattered Glass Soundwave converts from a white and blue van with ‘Cold Slither’ insignia into a stocky robot mode with sonic cannon blade/cannon weapon. In stark contrast to the taciturnity of his mainstream counterpart, Soundwave is a big teddy bear whose jovial and frivolous demeanor lightens the mood of his fellow Decepticons and appeals strongly to the Decepticons’ teenaged human acquaintances. Soundwave’s communications array enables him to monitor any variety of transmission. His sonic cannon converts into a monomolecular blade which vibrates at the speed of sound.

Shattered Glass Treadshot / Function: Task Force Commander

Strength: 9 Intelligence: 7 Speed: 6 Endurance: 8 Rank: 7 Courage: 9 Fireblast: 7 Skill: 8

Utilizing the Deluxe Class Reveal the Shield Jazz mold, Shattered Glass Treadshot coverts from a sports car into a robot mode with a handheld cannon which can be combined with the adjustable speakers built into the wing-like car doors. Prior to the war, Treadshot and Ultra Magnus are best friends in the apprenticeship of weapon masters Treble and Gain, however Magnus’ fateful decision to join the ranks of the marauding Autobots causes a rift which is further fueled by Treadshot’s eventual decision to join the Decepticons. As the war escalates Treadshot and Ultra Magnus become deadly arch-rivals. After Magnus escapes imprisonment on Paradron, Treadshot is selected to lead a special Decepticon task force charged with the task of apprehending the depraved Ultra Magnus and the latter’s splinter faction of Autobots.

Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus / Function: Usurper Warlord

Strength: 9 Intelligence: 10+ Speed: 8 Endurance: 8 Rank: 9 Courage: 9 Fireblast: 6 Skill: 10+

Utilizing the Deluxe Class Transformers United UN-22 G2 Laser Optimus Prime (with the modified peg in the right shoulder allowing free range of movement), Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus coverts from a compact truck cab into a Gen 2-reminiscent robot mode with a redesigned helmet and a translucent skull-like face and a truck hitch which converts into a sword with a translucent blade. Disfigured and imprisoned after his failed attempt to wrest leadership of the Autobots from his brother, Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus acquires a copy of Prime’s upgraded body, assembles a new army including Tracks, Wheeljack and the Junkions, and commandeers the legendary Terminus Blade. Overpowering a garrison of Autobots including Sunstreaker, Rodimus and Ironhide, Ultra Magnus escapes the prison of Paradron and travels to the mainstream universe, doggedly pursued by his arch nemesis Treadshot.

Metalhawk / Function: Skyhammer Commander

Strength: 9 Intelligence: 8 Speed: 7 Endurance: 8 Rank: 7 Courage: 8 Fireblast: 7 Skill: 8

Utilizing the Deluxe Class Thunderwing mold, Metalhawk coverts from a sleek fighter jet with detachable aerial drone into a robot with a human Pretender head and a pair of handheld projectile-firing blasters which can be combined into a massive single blaster. An exacting, level-headed warrior, Metalhawk serves as the commander of the Autobot Pretenders and liaison between Autobots and Earthlings. Preventing Gigatron from plundering the supply of Rarified Energon stored in the Ironworks, Metalhawk then guards the same supply against Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus. After Warpath, Wheeljack, Tracks and Jazz are disabled by Magnus’ Terminus Blade, Metalhawk is reinforced by the timely arrival of Shattered Glass Treadshot, Soundwave, Straxus and Octopunch.

Product Number: C4196P0001
Shipping Weight: 5.95 pounds
BBTS Vintage Grading
Type Opened
Complete Yes
Overall 85
Figure 90
Bubble 0
Card 80
  BBTS Vintage Department Item:

      Individually Graded & Photographed
      Please carefully review the grading
         system and product image(s)
      Learn More About Our Grading System

Included Accessories
1 Metalhawk figure
2 missile(s)
2 launcher(s)
1 drone
1 Gigatron figure
1 sword
1 knife
1 Turbo Tracks figure
1 energy disruptor
2 heat seeking missile(s)
1 Ultra Magnus figure
1 Terminus blade
1 Treadshot figure
2 sonic accelerator(s)
1 pulse demagnetizer
1 Soundwave figure
1 sonic cannon/monomolecular blade
1 2012 BotCon pin

Missing Accessories
1 Certificate Of Authenticity
1 comic book

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