Green Lantern 4" Figure Four-Pack - Abin Sur, Isamot Kol, Hal Jordan, Kilowog

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Product Description

Kids can relive all their favorite intergalactic adventures with this four-pack of GREEN LANTERN figures! Created in 4-inch scale, each figure is fully articulated and ready for hours of courageous battles. Includes 4 interchangeable construct accessories and a POWER RING so kids can join the GREEN LANTERN Corps! Ages 4 and over.

The Green Lantern 4” Figure Four-Pack includes the following figures:

Abin Sur
Isamot Kol
Hal Jordan

Abin Sur: Abin Sur is equipped with a pair of scimitar-like constructs. Recognized as one of the greatest of the Green Lanterns and praised by his protégée Sinestro, Abin Sur is fatally wounded when Parallax escapes from the Lost Sector. Sur’s space ship crashes on Earth, and his power ring selects Hal Jordan as the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814. The dying Abin Sur advises Jordan to speak the Green Lantern oaths in conjunction with the green power lantern.

Isamot Kol: Isamot Kol is equipped with a spiked mace construct. A Lizarkon, Isamot Kol is faced with execution after killing his superior officer in the Imperial Thanagarian Army. However, immediately before the execution he is selected by a green power ring. In the movie, Isamot Kol is recruited as a member of Sinestro’s elite team of commandoes.

Hal Jordan: Molded in translucent green plastic, Hal Jordan is equipped with a bow & arrow construct. Selected as Abin Sur’s successor, Hal Jordan is transported to the crash site of Abin Sur’s space ship, and is told to speak the Green Lantern oath in conjunction with the green lantern. He is later transformed into the Green Lantern and transported to Oa where he encounters a cordial Tomar-Re, a belligerent Kilowog, and a contemptuous Sinestro.

Kilowog: Clad in his personalized Green Lantern uniform, Kilowog is equipped with a fireball-shaped construct. Massive and immensely powerful, Kilowog trains new recruits. When Hal Jordan is initially transported to Oa, Kilowog stages a sparring session, quickly overwhelming Jordan. It is only after being thoroughly pummeled that Jordan finally creates a stronger construct and succeeds in outmaneuvering Kilowog.

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