Aliens: Colonial Marines - 1:18 Scale Alien Boiler Action Figure


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Product Description

This Alien Boiler is designed in the 1:18 / 3.75" Scale and will stand roughly 4" tall.

Egg, Facehug, 3 sets hands

BOILER The Boiler is a Xenomorph caste, first encountered by the Colonial Marines from the USS Sephora on LV-426. It possesses a unique form of attack, whereby it will forgo the typical melee or spitting attacks used by other Xenomorphs in favour of suicidally rupturing its own body, drenching nearby targets in huge quantities of acidic blood.The body of the Boiler is horribly deformed, covered with boil-like pustules and lesions and being generally decrepit in appearance. Their exterior armor is excessively aged and fragile, leaving them quite vulnerable to attack, while the numerous deformities on their bodies restrict the Boiler's movement to an awkward upright hobble.[1] Most notably, they apparently lack the ability to "see" like other Xenomorphs and are essentially blind, reacting instead to noise and vibrations in their environment. They spend much of their time crouched and immobile, resembling fossilized husks, but will awaken upon detecting nearby sounds and begin to search for the source. When Boilers move about, the pustules on their body tend to glow, although this glow diminishes when the creatures are at rest.

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