Avengers Infinite 3.75" Wave 3 Case of 12 Figures

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Product Description

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Each Avengers Infinite 3.75” Figure Series 03 figure features multiple points of articulation and is accompanied by character-specific weapons/accessories.

AVN ARES: The Olympian God of War, Ares personifies all instances of battle and conflict, all the while resentful of the preference shown by his father, Zeus, to Ares’ brother Hercules; this grudge is intensified after Hercules fulfils his Sixth Labor by slaying Ares’ flesh-devouring Stymphalian birds. Ares succeeds in overthrowing Olympus, overwhelming Hercules with his henchmen and exiling the former to Earth in an amnesiac state. Ares later dispatches the demigods Kratos and Bia to capture Hercules, however, confronted by the Avengers, the God of War is defeated by the Black Knight and Thor.

AVN DEATHLOK: The man who becomes Deathlok originally serves an alternate reality C.I.A.; after sustaining catastrophic injury he is inducted into the Alpha-Mech program, a covert operation designed to create and implement cybernetic super-soldiers, and is reformatted into a hardwired cyborg killing machine. He is later displaced and deposited in the mainstream Marvel reality. Initially most of his personality and autonomy are monopolized by cranially-encased mini-computer, limiting him to the functionality of a pawn, however he ultimately overrides the mind control and becomes a nonconventional superhero. Due to the immune system inhibitor which slows his cell division, Deathlok remains in a constant state of visible decay, giving him the look of a zombie-cyborg, necessitating periodic organic limb replacement.

AVN CYCLOPS: Cyclops’ mutant ability enables him to discharge immensely powerful beams from his eyes. He constructs a continuous mind field to restrain the destructive ocular blasts, shutting his eyes, however he is ultimately provided with a ruby visor which enables him to either contain the beams altogether or shape and temper their forcefulness. Cyclops is a core member of the X-men, serving under the central leadership of Professor X as the mutant team’s field commander.

AVN ANT MAN: Ant-Man is clad in his classic red and blue costume, complete with his distinctive, antenna-pronged silver helmet. Discovering and harnessing Pym-particles, Hank Pym manipulates his size and mass, allowing him to develop a series of superhero alter-egos including the distinctive Ant-Man persona. Developing a shrinking formula and dosing himself more liberally than intended, Pym is nearly mauled by a squadron of ants, after which he develops a special cybernetic helmet to communicate with the ants and make them allies.

AVN VALKYRIE: Leader of the Valkyrior, Brunnhilde the Valkyrie is befriended and manipulated by the Enchantress; the Enchantress first impersonates Valkyrie to become leader of the Lady Liberators, and later transferred Valkyrie’s powers and abilities to Samantha Parrington to be used in battle against the Hulk. The strongest of her kind, the combat-trained Valkyrie possesses superhuman strength and durability, and is capable of ferrying the souls of the dead to Valhalla. Valkyrie’s sword, Dragonfang, given to her by Doctor Strange, is nearly indestructible, and she retains access to her mount, the winged horse Aragorn.

AVN OMEGA RED: A serial killer, Arkady Rossovich is the result of a Russian attempt to create a Super Soldier Program. His mutant abilities come to light when his victims are discovered and an attempt to execute him is met with failure. He is taken into the custody of the KGB, his arms inlaid with retractable tentacle coils of Carbonadium, a substance intended to rival Adamantium. In addition to heightened strength, endurance, stamina and speed, Omega Red generates death spores capable of poisoning or killing anyone in his immediate vicinity; the Carbonadium coils can be used to corral intended targets within range, and in themselves serve the function of combative projectiles and tentacles.

Ages 4 and up

Product Features

  • 3.75 inches (9.525cm)
  • Based on the Marvel Comics character
  • Made of plastic
  • Highly articulated action figures
  • Includes character-specific weapons/accessories

Box Contents

This case is to include the following:

  • 2 Ares figures
  • 2 Deathlok figures
  • 2 Cyclops figures
  • 2 Ant Man figures
  • 2 Valkyrie figures
  • 2 Omega Red figures

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