Game of Thrones Coin - Silver Moon of Tommen II Lannister

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Product Description

-Newest of the Game Of Thrones series
-.999 pure silver
-~23.0 grammes
-Denominated one "Moon"
-Lion Rampant on obverse
-Appx 40 mm in diameter
-Casterly Rock on reverse
-done in early style
-Undated: pre-Aegon's Conquest

This pure silver "Moon" piece is from Casterly Rock in the mythical realm of Westeros, dating to the decades before Aegon I Targaryen united the warring kingdoms of Westeros under one ruler. Tommen Lannister the 2nd was king of Casterly Rock in those days, but was lost at sea during an ill-fated voyage of conquest. Westeros is the scene of events taking place in the series of novels by author George R.R. Martin now also an HBO miniseries winning critical acclaim. This piece has been struck on an unrimmed planchet of 22 (7/10 troy ounce) grammes of .999 pure silver, about 39 mm in diameter. Dies for this piece were designed and engraved by Arion The Wanderer in a full-figured style. The obverse features a left facing Lion Rampant, sigil of House Lannister and wearing a crown. The inscription on obverse reads TOMMEN II LANNISTER above, with the official motto of House Lannister HEAR ME ROAR below. The reverse depicts a view of Casterly Rock with the sea and crescent moon in the background. Casterly rock is the stronghold of the Lannisters as well as the source of their wealth and power, for there are rich mines there bearing gold, silver, tin, and copper. The power that the Lannisters wield in silver and gold is reflected in their unofficial motto: "A Lannister Always Pays His Debts". The inscription at above-left reads CASTERLY ROCK, while at below-right the denomination is written out ONE MOON. In Westeros, a moon is a lot of money, equivalent to seven silver stags. 30 moons are equivalent to one gold dragon. With a moon in your pocket you would be wined and dined in the finest style. If you have not had a chance to catch any of George's novels, they are widely available in bookstores and libraries. The series is called A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE and currently there are six sequential novels out of a planned series of seven. The first novel of the series is A GAME OF THRONES, which is also the title of the current hot HBO series based on the novels. This fantasy coinage is officially licensed through George R.R. Martin and brought to you by Shire Post, specializing in crafting strange and unusual artifacts from all over the omniverse for the purpose of making the fantasy come alive.

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