Movie Superstars Series 02 - Set of 4

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Product Description

Material: Plastic

ALL NEW! Introducing Wave 2 of Kasual Friday’s BIG SCREEN SUPERSTARS, leaping off the big screen and onto collector shelves with more pop-culture power houses! Wave 2 features a brand new Robocop Concept Armor along with some serious cinema boxing greats: Rocky Balboa, Ivan Drago, and Apollo Creed! Each highly detailed, 3.25” scale figure features a cool stylized look, an iconic pose and an eye-popping collectible package. These guys look great both in and out of package, so get in on the ground floor as the SuperStars line brings characters from Big Screen and Comic Book Universes together for the very first time!

Robocop: Developed by OCP as a contingency against the ill-fated ED-209 project, RoboCop is capable of pulverizing even the worst criminal elements among the most depraved burrows of the chaos-laden Old Detroit. Unfortunately, RoboCop’s violent rivalry with reigning crime boss Clarence Boddicker places him in direct opposition of OCP Vice President Dick Jones, to whom Boddicker secretly answers. Though RoboCop succeeds in apprehending Boddicker, his subsequent attempt to arrest Dick Jones activates the debilitating Directive #4 which prevents RoboCop from acting against any senior executive of OCP. Vilifying RoboCop, Jones smugly unleashes ED-209 units against him, and later recruits Boddicker and his men, providing them with Cobra Assault Cannons, for the task of hunting and destroying RoboCop.

Rocky Balboa: Rocky is publicly goaded into a fight with Clubber Lang, but he fails to take the fight seriously. Rocky’s training is a lighthearted spectacle measured against Clubber’s grueling aggression-fueled training sessions. During the first fight, Rocky is annihilated by Clubber in just a matter of minutes, losing the Championship belt. Afterwards (after an adequate amount of psychological bolstering) Rocky begins training alongside his old nemesis Apollo Creed. When Rocky returns to the ring, auspiciously sporting Apollo’s colors, his discipline has returned. He and Clubber go the distance, and Rocky finally wears Clubber down, knocking him out and reclaiming the Heavyweight belt.

Ivan Drago: Drago is a towering steroid-bolstered amateur Russian intended to demonstrate Russian superiority in the boxing arena. Drago’s trainers propose an exhibition bout against Rocky, but Apollo decides to break his retirement in order to fight the bout. Drago’s boxing abilities are inferior to those of Apollo, although the latter is immediately overwhelmed by chemically-induced strength. Drago deflects Apollo’s punches easily and retaliates with such pulverizing force that Apollo is killed in the second round. Apollo’s death and Drago’s apathetic contempt for the former champion spurs Rocky into a follow-up fight with Drago, which is relocated to Moscow.

Apollo Creed: In the original movie, Apollo Creed decides to give the unknown Rocky Balboa a shot at the title. Prior to the fight, the Count of Monte Fisto bombards the bewildered Balboa with his outlandish entrance; carried atop a litter, flanked by his sprawling entourage, Apollo’s costume is an extortionate hybrid of Uncle Sam and George Washington. However, once the fight commences, and Rocky succeeds in knocking Creed down for the first time in his career, the King of Sting’s frivolous demeanor vanishes.

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