Movie Superstars Series 01 - Set of 3

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Product Description

Introducing the Kasual Friday SuperStars series, leaping off the big screen and onto collector shelves with a debut lineup of pop-culture powerhouses! Wave 1 launches with some serious all-time greats: Robocop, The Phantom, and Army of Darkness' Ash! Each highly detailed 3 1/4" scale figure features a stylized look, an iconic pose, and an eye-popping collectible package. Get in on the ground floor as SuperStars brings characters from the big screen and comic books together for the very first time! Blister card packaging.

Robocop: Developed by OCP as a contingency against the ill-fated ED-209 project, RoboCop is capable of pulverizing even the worst criminal elements among the most depraved burrows of the chaos-laden Old Detroit. Unfortunately, RoboCop’s violent rivalry with reigning crime boss Clarence Boddicker places him in direct opposition of OCP Vice President Dick Jones, to whom Boddicker secretly answers. Though RoboCop succeeds in apprehending Boddicker, his subsequent attempt to arrest Dick Jones activates the debilitating Directive #4 which prevents RoboCop from acting against any senior executive of OCP. Vilifying RoboCop, Jones smugly unleashes ED-209 units against him, and later recruits Boddicker and his men, providing them with Cobra Assault Cannons, for the task of hunting and destroying RoboCop.

Ash: Ash drives his girlfriend Linda to a secluded cabin, unaware that the cabin was previously occupied by Professor Knowby and the latter’s wife Henrietta and chosen as a site for the translation/recitation of passages from Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Ash idly plays the tape deck containing the translations, inadvertently summoning an ancient evil which surges inward from the surrounding woods. Professor Knowby’s daughter, Annie, visits the cabin with additional pages from the Necronomicon, and Ash is unsettled by an eerily familiar illustration depicting the “Hero From The Sky” prophesized as the destroyer of the Deadites. Annie recites passages from the additional pages which cause the ancient evil to physically manifest. While Ash battles the manifestation, Annie recites the passages to open a dimensional gateway, but is attacked by Ash’s Deadite-possessed hand. Ash is drawn through the portal and marooned in 1300 AD. Actualizing the “Hero From The Sky” illustration, Ash instinctively kills a winged Deadite, and is horrified as he is hailed by armored knights.

The Phantom: The Phantom person originates when a boy witnesses the murder of his father at the hands of the Evil Kabai Sengh; in the ensuring chaos the boy is washed ashore the island of Bengalla, where he is discovered by tribesmen and provided with the Skull Ring on the condition that he dedicate himself to the eradication of murder and piracy. Upon reaching adulthood he becomes The Phantom, and then passes along the mantle to his descendents. The version featured in the movie, Kit Walker, the 21st Phantom, runs afoul of Quill, a mercenary in search of the power-imbuing Skulls of Touganda; it is further revealed that Quill is in fact a member of the Sengh Brotherhood and the murderer of Kit Walker’s father. The Phantom is ultimately pitted against Quill’s employer, corrupt businessman Xander Drax and Kabai Sengh, the modern-day leader of the Sengh Brotherhood.

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