Exclusive Mini Mighty Muggs 3-Pack - Bossk, Boba Fett & IG-88


  • This item is brand new and in mint condition
  • Packaging is case fresh but may have flaws
  • Suitable to display in package or to open

Product Description

Measuring approximately 2” tall, the Mighty Muggs Exclusive Bossk features a stylized aesthetic and limited articulation.

Bossk: Dressed in an ill-fitting bright yellow flight suit, Bossk is equipped with his blaster rifle. Bossk’s brutal dedication to natural selection is such that, long after devouring the unhatched eggs containing his siblings, he overpowers and consumes his own father, Craddosk, leader of the Bounty Hunter Guild. A physically powerful Trandoshan life form marked by varying degrees of savage effectiveness, Bossk is governed purely by rage and appetite. Bossk is inevitably counted among the small handful of bounty hunters assembled by Darth Vader to hunt the Millennium Falcon; the Trandoshan’s subsequent failure in this task was one in a number of failures grudgingly attributed to Bossk’s bitter rival, the legendary Boba Fett.

Boba Fett: Conceived during the Clone Wars in the mysterious cloning facility on Kamino, Boba inherits from his “father”, the legendary Jango Fett, the latter’s blaster-deflecting, lightsaber-resistant Mandalorian armor and distinctive helmet. Boba Fett is among the bounty hunters summoned by Darth Vader for the task of tracking the Millennium Falcon. Fulfilling this mission by tracking the Falcon to Cloud City, Fett is given custody of the carbonite-frozen Han Solo, enabling the bounty hunter to collect the lofty bounty placed on the smuggler by Jabba the Hutt. Subsequently, in the course of Jabba’s failed attempt to feed Solo and Luke Skywalker to the Sarlacc, Fett is sabotaged by his malfunctioning jet pack and is sent careening into the Pit of Carcoon.

IG-88: An assassin droid designed by Holowan Laboratories, IG-88 unexpectedly gains sentience, and, logically accessing organic life forms to be inferior and dispensable, calmly destroyed his horrified creators. Transferring his consciousness to three identical droid units, IG-88 developed his bounty hunter persona as a ruse to conceal his elaborate staging grounds and gradual ascent to cataclysmic power; despite the destruction of IG-88B, C and D, the original version, IG-88A, ultimately succeeded in transferring his consciousness into the core of the planet-annihilating Death Star.

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