Transformers Thrilling 30 Voyager Wave 6 Case of 4


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Product Description

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Gear up for triple Transformers action with this awesome 3-in-1 Autobot Springer figure! This tough-guy Autobot can launch a fierce missile attack at his Decepticon enemies in robot mode, but if the mission calls for bigger muscle, he can convert to armored car mode. Convert him to helicopter mode just when his Decepticon enemies think they've got him cornered! Keep converting him in 3 different ways so his enemies can't keep up!

The mercenary Decepticon Doubledealer figure converts from a robot, to a jet, to a tank and back again. He wields a missile launcher that's one of the most feared weapons in the universe. He'll use it to level any target he's hired to destroy.

Autobot Whirl is a hardcore warrior armed with a powerful Null-Ray Cannon in robot mode. But if the mission calls for flight, he can convert to helicopter mode. Then convert him to heloped mode just when his Decepticon enemies think they've got him cornered!

This case of 4 includes 1 Springer figure, 1 Doubledealer figure, and 2 Whirl figures.

Product Features

  • Voyager Class
  • Case of 4
  • Featuring Springer, Doubledealer, and Whirl as transforming figures
  • Springer converts from robot to armored car or helicopter and includes a blaster and sword
  • Doubledealer converts from robot to jet or tank and includes missile, missile launcher, and instructions
  • Whirl converts from robot to helicopter or heloped mode and includes a Null-Ray cannon, paralyzo box, shell cannon, and photon beam rifle

Box Contents

  • Thrilling 30 Springer figure
    • Blaster
    • Sword
  • Thrilling 30 Doubledealer figure
    • Missile
    • Missile launcher
    • Instructions
  • 2 Thrilling 30 Voyager Whirl figures
    • Null-Ray cannon
    • Paralyzo box
    • Shell cannon
    • Photon beam rifle

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