The Lord of the Rings Scalers Gollum

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Product Description

Scalers are collectible mini figures for your cords and cables, featuring iconic characters from movies, video games, TV and comic books! These adorable minis grip headphone cords, device cables and more, and feature an amazing level of detail.

The Wave 1 Assortment includes Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th), Xenomorph (Alien), Predator (Predator), Gollum (Lord of the Rings), and Gizmo (Gremlins). At only 2 inches tall, there's room for a bunch on any cord. Collect your favorites and take them everywhere!

Originally a Hobbit, Smeagol spends his birthday fishing with his cousin Deagol in the Gladden Fields, and is immediately driven to unreasoning jealously when Deagol inadvertently discovers the One Ring. When Deagol refuses to give the ring to Smeagol as a birthday present, the latter murders the former. The ring provides Smeagol with unnatural longevity, gradually mutating Smeagol into Gollum, a malingering creature who dwells in a dank cavern beneath the Misty Mountains and stealthily feeds upon juvenile goblins. When Bilbo Baggins later eludes a goblin patrol by stumbling onto Gollum’s lair, he briefly sidelines Gollum’s cannibalistic frenzy by challenging the monster to a game of riddles. He (Bilbo) discovers ring, stealing it and intensifying Gollum’s insanity.

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