Dark Knight Trilogy Batman & Joker 1/25 Scale Figure Assembly Kit SDCC 2013 Exclusive

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Product Description

Moebius Models will be in the Merit International booth (5349) with an exclusive Dark Knight and Joker plastic assembly kit. The kit is produced in a 1/25th scale.

This kit contains a 1/25 Batman figure and a never before released 1/25 Joker figure, both molded in purple.

Early in The Dark Knight Batman interrupts a disorganized three-way melee between Chechen, the Scarecrow and a handful of bumbling Batman impersonators; he decides afterwards that his original costume is weighing him down. Looking for a lighter costume that will provide him with a greater range of head movement, Bruce Wayne consults with Lucius Fox. The Dark Knight suit sacrifices some of its armor functionality to achieve a more streamlined disposition.

Preying upon Gotham’s beleaguered crime bosses, the Joker offers to eliminate Batman for a price. The Chechen and Maroni, underestimating the scope of the Joker’s intended chaos, are prompted to accept the offer. By placing various hostages in peril, constructing seemingly untenable predicaments, the Joker pits the residents of Gotham against Batman to force the latter to reveal his secret identity. The Joker and his thugs impersonate the Police Honor Guard attire for the purpose of publicly assassinating Jim Gordon. Taken into custody, the Joker reveals separate locations of Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent, providing Batman with only enough time to save one or the other. Later, the Joker assists in Dent’s transformation into Two-Face. Ultimately the Joker wires two ferries with explosives, providing both sets of passengers with detonators and a midnight deadline. Even when this scheme fails the Joker takes solace in the demoralizing fall of Harvey Dent, forcing Batman to assume responsibility for Two-Face’s rampage.

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