Star Wars: The Black Series 6" Wave 02 - Case of 4


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Product Description

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Material: Plastic

This case is to include the following figures:

1x Slave Leia
1x Boba Fett
1x Episode IV Han Solo
1x Episode IV Greedo

Slave Leia: Leia’s captivity is the result of her failed attempt, disguised as the bounty hunter Boushh, to lowball Jabba and liberate the carbonite-frozen Han Solo. Initially, her ploy seems to work, but later that night when Leia revisits Jabba’s court by night and attempts to free Solo, she is ambushed by Jabba and his retinue. Having only recently dismissed his former concubine, Oola, Jabba eagerly commandeers Leia, peeling her out of her grotesque Boushh trappings and replacing her attire with a golden bikini. She remains in captivity, collar-shackled to Jabba’s throne dais, until the daring Sarlacc escape which preoccupies the Hutt long enough for Leia to choke Jabba with his own chain.

Boba Fett: Conceived during the Clone Wars in the mysterious cloning facility on Kamino, Boba inherits from his “father”, the legendary Jango Fett, the latter’s blaster-deflecting, lightsaber-resistant Mandalorian armor and distinctive helmet. Boba Fett is among the bounty hunters summoned by Darth Vader for the task of tracking the Millennium Falcon. Fulfilling this mission by tracking the Falcon to Cloud City, Fett is given custody of the carbonite-frozen Han Solo, enabling the bounty hunter to collect the lofty bounty placed on the smuggler by Jabba the Hutt. Subsequently, in the course of Jabba’s failed attempt to feed Solo and Luke Skywalker to the Sarlacc, Fett is sabotaged by his malfunctioning jet pack and is sent careening into the Pit of Carkoon.

Episode IV Han Solo: Episode IV Han Solo is equipped with blaster pistol. A former attendee of the Imperial Academy at Carida, Han Solo was a renowned smuggler typically associated with his partner, the Wookiee Chewbacca, and the legendary vessel, the Millennium Falcon. Though initially drawn into the Rebel cause as a mercenary interest, Solo participated in the rescue of Princess Leia, and then decided to go back and assist the ragtag Rebel fleet against the Empire during the Battle at Yavin.

Episode IV Greedo: Greedo is equipped with a blaster pistol. A fairly inexperienced Rodian bounty hunter tragically eager to live up the reputation of his father, Greedo the Elder, a renowned hunter, Greedo travels to Tatooine and enters the employ of Jabba the Hutt. On two occasions Greedo fails in his attempt to collect the money owed by Solo to Jabba. The fateful third attempt takes place in Chalmun’s Cantina, in the aftermath of Solo’s brief negotiation with Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi; Greedo, blaster in hand, intercepts Solo prior to the latter’s departure for Docking Bay 94.

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