Marvel Universe 3.75" Wave 03 - Case of 12

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Product Description

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Each Marvel Universe 3.75” figure features multiple points of articulation and character-specific accessories.

Captain America: Originally deemed unfit for service, Steve Rogers volunteers for the experimental Super Soldier Serum and is reconstituted into Captain America, a master tactician and one of the most skilled physical combatants in the Marvel universe. Replacing his original badge-shaped shield, Captain America’s nearly indestructible circular shield is a freak occurrence derived from multiple attempts by metallurgist Dr. Myron MacLain to fuse Wakanda-indigenous Vibranium with an experimental alloy.

X-Force Wolverine: Adamantium claws characteristically brandished, Wolverine is wearing his distinctive X-Force uniform. A mutant ability to regenerate enables Wolverine to survive an experimental procedure which sheathes his skeleton in Adamantium and attaches retractable claws to his forearms. During the X-Men: Messiah Complex crossover storyline, Wolverine takes command of a new incarnation of X-Force.

Ghost Rider: Ghost Rider is outfitted with chains and spike-laden armor, with translucent blue flame radiating from the head and shoulders. Wandering into a junkyard Daniel Ketch discovers a motorcycle bearing a sigil which transformed him into a new incarnation of Ghost Rider. He later learns that he and the previous Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, are in fact brothers and inheritors of a mystical curse which linked them to the Spirits of Vengeance. Wielding mystic flame and a magic-infused chain, Ghost Rider possesses superhuman strength and durability, and inflicts his prey with his Penance Stare.

Incredible Hulk: Hounded by the military, Bruce Banner resurfaces as an anonymous employee of a bottling factory in Rio de Janeiro. However, a tiny drop of his blood taints an outgoing bottle, enabling Thunderbolt Ross to acquire his location. Emil Blonsky, a mercenary hired by Ross, volunteers to test Ross’ gamma-saturated super-soldier serum, becoming the Abomination, a monster which can only be stopped by the Hulk. The Hulk is later recruited as a member of the Avengers, and is unleashed against the onslaught of Chitauri invaders summoned by Loki.

Baron Zemo: Initially calling himself the Phoenix, Baron Helmut Zemo develops a scheme to avenge the death of his father, Baron Heinrich Zemo, against Captain America, however he inadvertently falls into his own boiling cauldron of Adhesive-X and is horrifically disfigured. He later assembles the forth incarnation of the Masters of Evil, storming the Avengers Mansion. He later founds another incarnation of the Masters of Evil before changing his plan, relative to Onslaught’s rampage, and instead creating the Thunderbolts, a team of villains disguised as superheroes.

Cloak & Dagger: The teenaged runaways who will become Cloak and Dagger are used as guinea pigs in experiments involving mutagenic drugs. Cloak is transformed into living darkness, his body eventually solidifying into a conduit to the Darkforce Dimension; his new abilities enable him to draw others inside the void of his cloak immobilize them with shock and horror. Cloak’s resultant madness is alleviated by his partner, Dagger. In contrast to Cloak, Dagger is transformed into a beacon of living light, an element that could be employed either as an offensive tactic, a purifying force, or as a temporary remedy to ease Cloak’s suffering.

Abomination (may ship as A-Bomb): Emil Blonsky’s prolonged exposure to gamma radiation transforms him into the Abomination, a ghastly monster who retains his original intellect but is unable to revert to human form. He is initially stronger than the Savage Hulk, however as the fight progresses the latter’s rage-proportionate strength overwhelms the Abomination. Becoming a herald of Galaxy Master, the Abomination faces the Savage Hulk and suffers another defeat, earning the ire of his planet-devouring benefactor. When the Abomination is later retrieved and resuscitated by MODOK he (the Abomination) has succumbed to a pathological fear of the Hulk, becoming a more erratic and unpredictable opponent.

Black & White Iron Man: Marvel Universe: Black & White Iron Man is clad in streamlined armor with a translucent faceplate revealing the likeness of Tony Stark, and is equipped with a can which fires a translucent blue pincher-like quarrel. Constructed as a housing for the transistorized chest plate used to save Tony Stark, the original Iron Man Armor provided Stark with flight capability, heightened strength and durability, and a variety of onboard weapons. In Black & White Iron Man Volume 1, Iron Man is pitted against a hyper-intelligent space probe and the Titanium Man.

Product Features

  • 3.75 inches (9.525cm)
  • Based on the Marvel Comics characters
  • Made of plastic
  • Features multiple points of articulation
  • Includes character-specific accessories

Box Contents

  • Captain America figure
  • X-Force Wolverine figure
  • Ghost Rider figure
  • Incredible Hulk (Or Gray Hulk As Variant) figure
  • 2 Baron Zemo figures
  • 2 Cloak (Or Dagger As Variant) figures
  • 2 Abomination (Or A-Bomb As Variant) figures
  • 2 Iron Man Black & White figures

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