Batman Arkham City 6" Action Figure Two Pack - Sickle & Penguin

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Product Description

The other half of the The Abramovici Twins, Sickle, joins forces with Oswald Cobblepot while in Arkham City to take down the Batman.

A one-armed camouflage-clad brawler, the glowering Sickle is equipped with a massive namesake weapon. Sickle and his conjoined twin Mr. Hammer are initially Russian circus performers. The twins are recruited by the Joker who has them separated to maximize their combat effectiveness. The disgruntled Sickle is excommunicated from the Joker’s gang and shows his resentment for his twin’s decision to remain with the Joker by joining the army of the Joker’s rival, the Penguin. Ultimately, Sickle buries his grudge and regroups with his brother.

The Penguin is a slightly gruesome version of the character, dressed in black with a fur-collared coat, along with top hat and jagged red monocle. Though the Penguin is primarily a strategist and orchestrator of elaborate capers, he is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, with honed reflexes belied by his rotund stature. In Arkham City, the Penguin refuses to relinquish his lair at the Iceberg Lounge and is trapped in the open-air facility of Arkham City. Seeking Mr. Freeze and the cure created by the latter to neutralize the degenerating effect of Titan, Batman learns that Freeze has been captured by the Penguin; pursuing the Penguin to the Cyrus Pinkney National History Institute, Batman battles against the Penguin’s thugs.

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