Batman Hush Three Pack - Scarecrow, Nightwing, Poison Ivy

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Product Description

Item Size: Approximately 6 inches tall.
Material: Plastic

From the pages of the best-selling, critically acclaimed graphic novel BATMAN: HUSH by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee comes this special 3-Pack of action figures.

Poison Ivy: Despite her delicate appearance, Poison Ivy is among Batman’s more sinister and resilient adversaries. Prolonged exposure to plant-derived toxins and chlorophyll have permanently stained her flesh a luminous green, although she retains the ability to transform her skin and hair to their original colors. She is immune to plant-borne toxins and the poison present in her skin can be transferred to her victims by means of poisoned-tipped darts or even by a kiss capable of mesmerizing or killing a targeted victim.

Nightwing: A natural acrobat, Dick Grayson possesses superior reflexes and is reinforced by the invaluable field experience and teachings, physical and mental, imparted to him by Batman during his (Grayson’s) original career as the first Robin. After striking out on his own, Grayson maintains a sometimes strained relationship with Batman, and is initially offended when Batman, following Batman’s crippling defeat at the hands of Bane, chooses the Jean Paul Valley version of Azrael as a surrogate Batman, however Grayson ultimately agrees to participate on the training which makes Valley a dead ringer of the true Batman.

Scarecrow: The result of a traumatic childhood rife with bullying, Dr. Jonathan Crane develops an overshadowing fascination with instilling fear in his tormentors. He becomes a psychiatrist and naturally gravitates to Arkham Asylum where he is given unlimited access to case studies for his fear experimentation. Crane loses his professorship at Gotham University for wounding a student with a gunshot and feels prompted to inflict vengeance on everyone responsible for his termination. Becoming the Scarecrow, he dresses in a ghoulish burlap costume accompanied by a tattered hat and a gnarled scythe. The Scarecrow’s weapon of choice, his fear vapor, induces horrifyingly debilitating hallucinations based upon the phobias of a targeted victim. Continuous exposure to his own toxin has robbed the Scarecrow of the ability to experience fear----except for his fear of bats, and his intractable dread of Batman.

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