Transformers Go! G07 Bakudora


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Product Description

NOTE - Some of these figures have reversed elbows. This is a known manufacturing defect, and is being released as-is. After in-house examination, it has little to no effect on the figure's articulation and transformation.

Siphon Claw

Bakudora is one of the Predacons forming the group called Four Oni and is a redeco and retool of Prime: Beast Hunters Ripclaw who transforms from a robot to a winged dragon. He features a new head as well as a "flexible" rubber tail that can hang loose or be attached to the torso. His weapon is a Siphon Claw that features sprint-loaded claws that shut when the stinger is pressed.

Triple Combination: Transformers Go! is an animated series created to promote the new characters in the Transformers Go! toyline by Takara. The storyline takes place after events in the Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters series. An incident at Mount Fuji unearths the Demon Emperor of the Predacons, Dragotron which also awakens his minions known as the Four Oni, who seek to restore their master to full power. In response to this new threat, two three-member teams of Autobot Combiners known as Swordbot Samurai Team and Swordbot Shinobi Team, answer the call of two human boys to battle the Predacons. Guided by Optimus Prime, the teams strive to find the remaining mystical items, the Legendiscs, and keep them out of the hands of the evil Predacons.

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