DC UNKL 3" Vinyl Figure - Set of 6

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Product Description

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Each DC UNKL 3" Vinyl Figure features a super deformed aesthetic.

DC UNKL 3" Vinyl Figure - Set of 6 includes the following figures:

Batman: Batman is dressed in a grey costume with dark blue mask and cape, and is equipped with a batarang. Batman is a noted detective and strategist, and is among the most capable physical combatants on the planet. In addition to defending Gotham City against an array of depraved super villains, Batman serves as a core member and chief coordinator of the Justice League.

Harley Quinn: Harley Quinn serves as the Joker’s shrink before falling in love with the latter and helping the Joker escape from Arkham Asylum. As the Joker is subsequently apprehended and returned to Arkham, typically bruised and battered, Harley’s empathy intensifies, encouraging her to become the Joker’s destructive sidekick. Harley occasionally partners with Poison Ivy, however she remains unwaveringly loyal to the Joker. Boundlessly energetic, Harley willingly battles any opponent, including Batman, on the Joker’s behalf, and is capable of confounding virtually any opponent with unpredictable acrobatics and an array of gimmick-loaded and improvised weaponry.

Mr. Freeze: Mr. Freeze is dressed in his cryogenic suit, battle armor that provides life support while simultaneously bolstering Freeze with heightened durability and superhuman strength. Originally a cryogenics expert obsessed with saving the life of his terminally ill wife, Nora, Freeze tragically suffered the accident necessitating his specialized suit. The somber, nearly emotionless Freeze is frequently equipped with his cold gun, enabling him to encase a selected target in ice, and typically prefers ice-themed capers.

Superman: The modern Superman is wearing his classic blue and red costume, complete with red cape. As a surviving son of Krypton, Superman’s continuing exposure to the yellow sun has imbued him with the standard arsenal of super-powers including flight-capability, heat-vision, invulnerability, drastically heightened senses, and vast superhuman strength.

Flash: The Flash is dressed in his classic red and yellow costume. Splattered with lightning-chemicals, Barry Allen gains super-speed and super-reflexes. Dedicating his newfound abilities to crime-fighting he designs his own distinctive uniform and called himself Flash in honor of the original Flash. Superhero guardian of Central City, the Flash is also one of the founding members of the Justice League.

Joker: The Clown Prince of Crime, scourge of Gotham City, is atypically garishly-colored, trademark purple suit. Often obsessed with the downfall of his arch-nemesis, Batman, the Joker enjoys terrorizing Gotham City with sadistically-themed criminal capers. Always appreciative of a good joke, he frequently attacks his adversaries with the likes of acid-squirting flowers or his lethal Joker venom.

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