Star Wars Creature Plush - Rancor

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Product Description

Following Leia’s attempt, disguised as the Ubese bounty hunter Boushh, to infiltrate Jabba’s palace and rescue the carbonite-frozen Han Solo, Luke Skywalker boldly enters the Hutt’s squalid court. Though Skywalker’s Jedi mind trick easily bamboozles the servile Bib Fortuna, Jabba, striking his muddled majordomo with a glancing blow, resists the mind trick with contemptuous ease. Laughing obscenely, Jabba activates the trapdoor, relocating Skywalker to the gore-strewn pit of the Rancor. A large portcullis is automatically raised to herd the Rancor into the pit’s roughhewn confines. An unfortunate Gamorrean guard, having tumbled into the pit along with Skywalker, is quickly gobbled up. Seized by the Rancor’s clawed grasp, the quick-thinking Skywalker wedges a large bone longwise between the monster’s jaws. Ultimately Skywalker defeats the Rancor by leading the monster back through the portcullis tunnel, hurling a rock at the tunnel’s control console and causing the heavy portcullis to collapse atop the Rancor.

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