Transformers Dark of The Moon Trading Cards - Box of 48 Packs (288 cards) - Save 91%

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Product Description

Save 89% off the original MSRP of $143.99!!

Get a full counter display box containing 48 packs of cards!

252 different cards to collect :

Odds of finding a
Chromium card - 1:16 packs
Special card - 1:16 packs
Gold card - 1:12 packs
Silver card - 1:12 packs
Metal Collection card - 1:6 packs
Normal Cards

The collection includes these possible cards:

Chromium card (1:16 packs) Total : 9 cards Style : CR-01 Optimus Prime CR-02 Bumblebee CR-03 Sentinel Prime CR-04 Optimus Prime + Truck CR-05 Bumblebee + Camard CR-06 Autobots Shield CR-07 Megatron CR-08 Decepticons CR-09 Autobots

Special card (1:16 packs) Total : 9 cards Style : SP-01 Optimus + Bumblebee SP-02 Buster Optimus SP-03 Bumblebee SP-04 Sentinel Prime SP-05 Decepticons SP-06 Autobots SP-07 Optimus Prime SP-08 Megatron & Shockwave SP-09 Optimus Color

Gold card (1:12 packs) Total : 9 cards Style : GC-01 Optimus Prime GC-02 Bumblebee GC-03 Sentinel Prime GC-04 Megatron GC-05 Shockwave GC-06 Starscream GC-07 Ironhide GC-08 Ratchet GC-09 The Dark of the Moon

Silver card (1:12 packs) Total : 9 cards Style : SC-01 Optimus Prime SC-02 Bumblebee SC-03 Sentinel Prime SC-04 Megatron SC-05 Shockwave SC-06 Starscream SC-07 Ironhide SC-08 Ratchet SC-09 The Dark of the Moon

Metal Collection (1:6 packs) Total : 27 cards Style : MC-01 Optimus Prime MC-02 Bumblebee MC-03 Ratchet MC-04 Ironhide MC-05 Sideswipe MC-06 Jazz MC-07 Sentinel Prime MC-08 Optimus Prime Power-Up Mode MC-09 Arcee MC-10 Jetfire MC-11 Skids & Mudflap MC-12 Optimus Prime Semi-truck MC-13 Bumblebee Camard MC-14 Autobot Logo MC-15 Decepticon Logo MC-16 Megatron MC-17 Shockwave MC-18 Starscream MC-19 Barricade MC-20 Ravage MC-21 Devastator MC-22 Demolisher MC-23 Rampage MC-24 Blackout MC-25 Frenzy MC-26 Hasbro Logo MC-27 Paramount Logo

Normal cards Total : 189 cards Style : a) Movie 1 Stills Cards ( 18 cards ) MS1-01 Scorponok Strikes in Qatar MS1-02 Sam meets the Autobots MS1-03 The Capture of Bumbleebee MS1-04 The Location of the Allspark MS1-05 NBE 1 Non Biological Extraterrestrial MS1-06 “Autobots Roll Out” MS1-07 Bonecrusher Bashes Bus MS1-08 Optimus VS Bonecrusher MS1-09 Starscream Decends on Downtown MS1-10 Ironhide fires at the Decepticons MS1-11 “I Smell You…Boy” MS1-12 “These Things Just Don’t Die” MS1-13 Bumbleebee hands Sam the Allspark MS1-14 “Megatron!” MS1-15 “Give me the Cube…Boy” MS1-16 “Sam, Put the Cube in my chest NOW” MS1-17 “I wish to stay with the boy” MS1-18 “We are here, we are waiting” b) Movie 2 Still Cards ( 18 cards ) MS2-01 The destruction of demolisher MS2-02 Soundwave launches Ravage MS2-03 Starscream taunts at Sam MS2-04 Optimus visits Sam MS2-05 Ironhide MS2-06 Optimus fires at Megatron MS2-07 Megatron confronts Starscream MS2-08 Battle in the forest MS2-09 Jetfire speaks of the Primes MS2-10 Bumblebee MS2-11 Skids & Mudflap MS2-12 Jetfire teleports MS2-13 Sam & Mikaela dashes to cover MS2-14 Bumbleebee triumphs over Rampage MS2-15 Megatron at the top of the Pyramid MS2-16 “Optimus , take my parts” MS2-17 Victory over the Fallen MS2-18 “I am Optimus Prime”

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