Iron Man Marvel Legends Wave 2 Case of 8


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Product Description

The 6-inch scale IRON MAN MARVEL LEGENDS figures are highly articulated with collector-friendly detail! IRON MAN MARVEL LEGENDS figures are also part of the Iron Monger Series Build-A-Figure collection. Each figure comes with a body part you can use to build your own Iron Monger figure. Collect all 6 figures to build Iron Monger!

IM MARK 42 MOVIE SUIT: In response to a series of bombings for which the Mandarin takes credit, Tony Stark coordinates with Rhodes, offering to assist War Machine, now dubbed the Iron Patriot, with his (Stark’s) newly created Mark XLII prehensile suit which can be divided into separate components and remotely controlled. The conversation is interrupted when Stark is reminded of the wormhole in New York, causing Stark to suffer a severe anxiety attack and quickly reenter his armor. Stark publicly threatens the Mandarin and later uses the Mark XLII to save Pepper when a helicopter attack converges on the Stark residence. Stark later uses the Mark XLII to rescue the staff trapped aboard the sabotaged Air Force One.

Ultron: Ultron is originally a creation of Henry Pym, however, contrary to android’s intended purpose, Ultron becomes self-aware and quickly balks at the idea of dedicating his existence to the whims of humankind. Instead, Ultron assembles a team of supervillains, using them to battle the Avengers, however his inconsolable contempt for humanity precludes even super-villainous associations. Among the most resilient of the Avengers’ enemies, Ultron is girded in an Adamantium chassis, and possesses super strength, flight capability and much more.

IM PATRIOT MOVIE SUIT: In response to a series of bombings for which the Mandarin takes credit, the War Machine is repainted in red, white and blue and renamed Iron Patriot, much to the chagrin of a disgusted Tony Stark. The Mandarin’s television-aired pontifications used as a means of luring the Iron Patriot into a trap. Rhodes is removed from the armor and the armor is instead donned by Eric Savin, chief subordinate of Aldrich Killian, the creator of the Mandarin and the Extremis virus. Savin uses the Iron Patriot armor to gain access to Air Force One, capturing the president and sabotaging the plane. Via remote-control the Iron Patriot armor delivers the president to Killian. Rhodes coordinates with Stark in a mission to rescue the president, now trapped within the non-responsive Iron Patriot armor, aboard an abandoned oil platform where Killian intends to televise the president’s murder. 

Product Features

  • Approximately 6 inches tall
  • Highly articulated
  • Part of Build-A-Figure collection

Box Contents

  • 2 x Ultron

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