Universal Monsters Legacy Series Black & White Box Set


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Product Description

A Diamond Select Release! Between 1923 and 1958, Universal Studios released over 60 different monster movies, all in black and white, which introduced the world to some of greatest screen creations of all time, and those movies, collectively known as the "Universal Monsters," set the standard for film horror that stands to this day. In honor of that legacy, this set presents three of the most famous Universal Studios Monsters in their original black and white appearance - the Wolfman, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and The Mummy. The three figures come packaged in a limited edition, numbered collector's box set.

The Wolfman

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

The Mummy

The Wolfman: Dressed in tattered attire, the Wolfman possesses thick claws and flesh-rending fangs. Larry Talbot is bitten in the process of defending a girl against a wolf attack, succeeding in killing the animal with his silver-topped wolf-headed cane. Talbot consults the Gypsy fortuneteller Maleva, and learns that the creature he has killed is in fact the fortuneteller’s son in werewolf form; Talbot subsequently learns that he has now contracted the irreversible curse of lycanthrope. Talbot soon transforms into the rampaging Wolfman, his otherwise amiable nature engulfed by the monster’s feral appetite.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon: The Creature from the Black Lagoon reacts defensively when its territory is trespassed by an Amazonian expedition. The last of its kind, a member of a race of amphibian humanoids, the Creature is indigenous to the murky ill-portended tributary called the Black Lagoon. While observing his human adversaries, the Creature notices the beautiful Kay Lawrence and is understandably smitten. The Creature abducts Kay, submerging her and transporting her to the cavernous lair where the Creature is ultimately overwhelmed by a concentrated attack.

The Mummy: The Mummy features a fabric body suit overlapped by dangling clusters of individual bandages. The Mummy’s cadaverous appearance and labored tread form belies intractable will and dark power capable of engulfing virtually any adversary. Resurrected from stasis and powered by means of a special potion, the Mummy, Kharis, is employed by the malingering High Priest as a horrible guardian of Ankara’s tomb. Despite his frail appearance and limited mobility, Kharis the Mummy succeeds in snaring his victims and bringing them under his evil power.

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