Metal Gear Solid 20th Anniversary 7" Figures - Case of 5


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Product Description

Please Note – These figures were purchased from a secondary market distributor who verified the figures are authentic, however the set of 5 figures all contain the same card backing, which is the MGS 4 Snake profile card.

Imported from Japan! It has been twenty years since the release of the original Metal Gear game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and to commemorate the anniversary Ultra Detail Figure is releasing a line of figures based on the latest games in the franchise - Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and the upcoming MGS 4! Standing nearly 7" tall, these articulated figures come with accessories and weapon attachment points.

Snake (from MGS 2): This version of Snake is only mildly grizzled, and is equipped with a compliment of gear and weaponry. Solid Snake stands at a slight angle, his silenced weapon brandished at chest-level. Snake is charged with the clandestine task of neutralizing various manifestations of Metal Gear.

Snake (from MGS 3): This version of Snake, darker and coarser than his MGS2 counterpart, sports an eye patch in addition his expansive gear and weaponry. Solid Snake is poised with his silenced pistol carried just beneath eye-level. The intended recipient on the opposite end of this targeting stance is most likely already dead and pitched forward along the ledge of a balcony or fortification.

Raiden (from MGS 2): Raiden is clad in a slate grey uniform, and is equipped with a katana and back-mounted sheath. Disgruntled over the ridicule sometimes directed towards his androgynous appearance, Raiden’s sharply tilted stance is moderately warlike.

Snake (from MGS 4): This version of Snake appears to be derived from the same mold as Otacon, replete with a grim basalt-colored uniform. The advance-aged Metal Gear Solid 4 version of Solid Snake sports a shock of white hair in addition to his gear and weaponry. Solid Snake is poised with his rifle aimed for a brain-splattering shot.

Otacon (from MGS 4): Otacon is dark-clad and outfitted with a full arsenal of gear and weaponry; in the prototype photo Otacon appears to be brandishing both a knife and a gun. Otacon was initially rescued by Snake from the facility on Shadow Moses Island. Later, Otacon and Solid Snake formed the anti-proliferation organization, Philanthropy.

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