Commemorative Rodimus Prime (Reissue)


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Product Description

This figure is an Asian-market Hasbro 2011 Reissue.

NOTE - This item appears to have rubber tires, although no packages have been opened yet.

Equipped with his Photon Eliminator, Rodimus Prime is outfitted with removable spoiler, blast shields, and trailer/mobile defense bay. In Transformers: The Movie, Hot Rod initially served as a companion to the young Daniel. Kup served as Hot Rod’s built-in fencing device, the former frequently coaching the latter on his impetuous ways and mild disregard for rules and regulations. Ultimately, within the bowels of Unicron, Hot Rod retrieved the misappropriated Matrix of Leadership from Galvatron, and was, in mid-battle, transformed into Rodimus Prime. Rodimus’ heightened strength was such that he easily defeated Galvatron, hurling the Decepticon leader directly through Unicron’s armor plating and into space. Rodimus then unleashed the remaining power of the Matrix to destroy Unicron, and led the remaining Autobots to safety. Though impulsive, Rodimus is characterized as a skilled tactician. His only weakness is his excessive compassion.

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